Friday, January 29, 2010

The Big Dance Recital

For those of you without Facebook...

Here's the little video from the dance recital last week... Don't you just love how "original" (aka not following the leader closely like Mackenzie and Grace) can be? She's definitely got flair!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun Pics and Pages

Hey everyone!

How are things on your side of the world? It always seems like when I have a day off (such as today), I remember why I work. I love my children but the oldest one is just so energetic and with Meg and I down with colds (Dad too)... it's hard to keep up with her exuberance. Sigh! I know I am losing parent points right now, but she's up in front of the TV watching "The Fresh Beats Band" so that I can do a few things online and put the new license plates on my car.

Yes, the last step to leaving Michigan behind... sniff! My new plates came in and are ready to put on my car. They're at least cool for me - Breast cancer ribbon on them. I personalized them with MSU as well... but they aren't my beloved MSU plate from Michigan. I might just have to frame that one. :)

Here's the weekly updated pictures of the kids for my family:

After canceling the last week of school last year due to the 20+" snowstorm, Annde's class had their holiday party on Friday. They got to make individual gingerbread houses. (I love the use of milk cartons and graham crackers! Annde is still munching the stale candy off of her's. Annde and Meg were goofing around... I just love those smiles!!
Here's Meg in the Bumpo... She's not quite sure she likes it yet. I adore her shoes - they were Annde's before her and now they fit her perfectly. If you think she looks annoyed here...

... just wait until after her sister makes her a "Princess hat" that ways down her head! Don't worry! Meg figured out all she has to do is lean to the side and it falls off, much to Annde's annoyance. It was fun to watch the action over and over: Annde put it on, Meg knock it off...
Here is a few pages I did this weekend - I actually have scrapped 2 weekends in a row! After I took down Christmas, I got a few pages done:

This page was about Annde and her morning question of Steve: "Is she here yet?" The pictures were taken on the day after my due date when Annde was trying to talk Baby Sissy into coming out. (Not effective - it took her another 10 days to be forced out.)
Here's a page I did about our last "Mommy-Annde" day before Baby Meghan came. I love how pretty this page came out.

This page is about Annde telling Meg she's going to grow big like her in a few years. I bet Meghan might end up bigger than Annde...
This page is about how Meg can get any pair of socks off her feet, usually in minutes. We call her sockdini as one of her nicknames... The 4 pictures were taken over a period of 10 minutes. (Sorry about the picture - my camera is acting up).

This page is about how Annde has wrecked all 6 pairs of school jeans this year. I am not 100% sure how she does it but she blows out both knees at the same time. I was probably the same way... Got to go buy some patches! This is a cool page I scraplifted (I saw it about a year ago and was saving it...) about Meghan watching her first MSU Basketball game. We watched it with my parents over Xmas - they are both alumni of MSU too - and Meg was dressed up for the occasion. I love the picture under the word STATE... She looked so cute!!
Well, out of artwork... I am off to work on my car while the older is distracted and the younger is asleep! Peace out, folks!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Has it been 8 weeks already?

I can't believe how big she's gotten! Tomorrow, we have the dr appointment (and shots! yuck!!) but she's growing so fast. Up to wearing 6 mo clothing and holding her head up well. She's firmly on her way to rolling. We love her big grins too - just tell me all this slobbering doesn't have to do with teeth!

Saturday, she went to her first scrapbook day and half the people didn't even realize there was a baby - she only cried (one cry a piece) twice... to let me know she was done chewing on her hand and wanted the real thing...

Happy 2 months, Meghan... You've made our lives a more wonderful place!

PS: Did 5 layouts at the crop... you can see one here or check back later tonight to see the rest!