Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Missing tooth & Knee Walking

So, it's been a busy week in the Patterson household. Our anniversary is this weekend - 10 years, can you believe it?!?! I can't! I also can't believe I haven't found the perfect gift for Steve yet. He's ordered something online for me and sworn Annde to secrecy. Dang! Suggestions? We're not going to do anything right now to celebrate. Unfortunately, Steve's work is a bear right now - he's at 30 hours and it's Tuesday morning... Yikes! We'll do something else later on this fall, I think.

This week is also Back to School week. Annde gets her teacher assignment Thursday and starts on Tuesday. Yep, it's another Hannah Montana backpack... I love how her lunch box is Baby kittens though. My big girl has some little girl still inside!
Meg has taking up the sport of golf - or maybe hockey? - just look at that back swing! So much like her Papa... she loves anything Dad related! Just check out the dancing video. Can you tell the moment that Dad walks into the room?

Annde's lost another tooth - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture - while Meg has gained another (up to 5) and has another on the way in. Annde wants to lose teeth to give to Meg but I explained it doesn't work that way... :) Gotta love the kids!
Well, I am off to work. More scrappy stuff will be posted tomorrow! I'll just leave you with this little clip of Meg's favorite way to get around:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just a layout and a sneak peek

I have been scrapbooking more lately... I think I'm definitely getting my groove back - aka being able to be super mom and scrapbook. Here's a page I did this weekend for a contest at Sketchy Thursdays... It was Meg's first zoo trip. (Tracy - those animals are just for you... I hope they bring back memories!)

I was also lucky enough to be chosen as a Guest Design Team member at All About Me's Challenge Blog. Here's a sneaky peak of my first layout... I totally love how it came out and can't wait to show you...

Keep Scrapbooking, my crafty friends! Post a comment if you have a great page to show me... I love to be inspired by others...

A relaxing Day at the park and some other fun

So, it's been a bit since I last posted... sorry 'bout that!

We've been cramming as much fun into a short time as possible as Annde only has 2 weeks before she goes back to school. Lately, we've been doing a bit of hiking and playgrounds. Here are some cute pictures from a recent trip to a local park.

This local park even has a full sized merry-go-round. This was Meg's first experience and she squealed the entire time, clapping her hands!
I can see signs of myself in Annde... can you guess what I see in her here? Yep! The kid LOVES to run and race anyone. Steve even commented that she's getting faster and he had to try this time not to get his butt kicked...
Meg's grown so much this last month. She's standing and starting to walk. Don't you just love those shoes?
A scary thought: Annde driving in a car with Meg. The world is scheduled to end soon, I guess! Hold on, Meg! We'll rescue you!!Meg loves anything that rocks or swings. I love the fact that they have toddler toys...

Just a year ago, we moved here from Michigan. While Virginia is our home now, we still consider Michigan home too...
Whoops! Forgot to rotate the picture. You get the picture though - the girl is tall!! Hard to believe she's only 9 mo...

There are two things that Meghan loves more than just about anything (excluding food): Swinging and Dad. This picture says it all...
Here's my monkey child!

What a great day we had... Enjoy yours, too!