Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apology and some pictures

I am not the best friend or sister.
I know, I know... it's a shocker?!?!
But, I am notorious late at sending cards/gifts, I suck at returning phone calls, and I forget about things unless I write them down.
I do try to be there for my friends and family when they need me, but I find that life has a way of sucking you in so that it's hard to focus on something that's not "critical".
Take last night for example... my sister called in the middle of child number 1 throwing a tantrum because she "wasn't sleepy" (at 9pm), child number 2 crying because her teeth hurt, and the soup on my stove boiling over (which is supposed to feed at least 25 for today's Soupdown). Got child 1 back to bed and asleep while hubby dealt with #2 and the soup got turned off until the crisis was avoided. However, I didn't end up calling my sister back. It's the second time in a week or two that I have missed the boat on that task. I am publicly apologizing to her now because it's not that I didn't want to talk to her- I just got sucked into the drama of life.
I think we all have drama in varying degrees.
I think that it makes our lives interesting.
Without drama, each day would be the same and boring. So, I welcome the entertainment in my life.Unfortunately, that means that I don't call my parents like I should, talk to my sisters and brothers like I should, contact my friends like I should.
It's not that I don't appreciate each and every one of you - I do... I have the perfect family for me - with all the crazy, mixed up, loud people that make up the Giesler/Vlk/Patterson clans.
Forgive me if I don't call you right back or send a card late.
Susan, I will get back with you sometime this week... Mondays are very hard with the craziness of school/dance/etc.
For your viewing entertainment... a few more Take Annde to the Navy Yard pictures...

This was taken in one of the rooms on the USS Barry. We're touring with Mattie and another little girl.
Here's us at lunch...
And in the park before the dog exercise...
And, because it's freakin' cool - here's the hot dog getting electrocuted. How awesome is that?!?!
Off to work now... Have a great day, everyone!

Friday, April 23, 2010

For the Non-Facebook users (warning - lots of pics!)

Hey - for the family, here's some recent pictures of the kids. Things have been super hectic around here with all of Annde's activities, multiple birthday parties, and my recent trip out to San Diego for a week (yes, Steve survived!)
Cherry Festival (Downtown DC) - We were lucky to have our friend Kevin join us for the weekend of Easter...Easter Day

Take your kid to work day (Navy Yard)

Misc Pictures of Meghan... can you believe she's almost 6 months old?

And some of Annde too...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm not environmental friendly...

I like to drive...

I really do.

Since I moved here, I stopped doing it.

First, I took the metro. It seemed easier since I took me almost to the door of work. I would have to leave at 6am to get there by 7:30ish and it would take me almost 2 hours to get home. But, I didn't have to learn how to get to work... I could just drive to the station, park, and ride.

Problem: cost and time. How much is your time worth? Work would pay for the actual metro fares ($180/mo) but not the parking ($25 per week) or gas. No problem. Still a deal, right?

Then you bring in the fact that it was making me sick, physically. Being pregnant (where you puke all the time normally) isn't too grand when mixed with the rocking & swaying, tight conditions, with people smell in an enclosed area. Add on the lack of bathrooms for over an hour and yep, that choice went out the window.

Then I started commuting with a co-worker. Don't get me wrong, she's really nice. I would have to say that she's been one of my better friends since I moved here. For a while, it was fine. I would still leave at 6am to drive to her house... then getting into work would be around 7:15. Not bad, quicker than the Metro. But, she drives a little Honda. And, since she always wants to drive, it cuts down on the cost of gas.

Problem: time, comfort, and ability to dictate my hours. She drives VERY conservatively. (aka she would not survive in Detroit) While the conversation and friendship is great during the commute, it frustrates me not to drive my car - which is much more comfortable for my tall frame - and quicker since I drive over 50 mph. And she's apparently a horrible backseat driver so she ALWAYS drives. Always... unless she's sick. And we work the hours she wants to work, not the hours I want to work (if I need to stay a few extra minutes, I feel bad about holding her up or adding to the commute).

Then, she went to St. John's for a vacation (before Meg's birth) and was sick for several weeks recently. And I drove. And... it was awesome! I have the GPS so I don't get lost. (even though I now know the way) I leave at 6 and get there at 6:45 or 7 on a bad day... which means I can leave earlier if I want. I am not dependent on anyone if I want to leave early or stay late (another problem with sharing a ride).

So, screw the environment -
I want to drive to work, by myself, in my SUV.
I want to sing along with the radio as loud as I want!
I want to have the windows down and the sunroof open when I am coming home and it's a nice day (not done in her car).
I want to drive fast - as fast as traffic allows and is safe (no tickets please!) - and change lanes.
I want to get home 15-30 minutes earlier since I don't have to drive all the way back from her house.
I want to enjoy the awesome sights of the monument and memorials rising up in the morning with the cherry trees in full bloom as the sun slowly rises.
I want to drive...

Sorry, carpool friend, I don't think I will be carpooling with you too much in the future! Any ideas on how I break this to her, gently?