Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rollin, rollin', rollin'....

Yep, Meg's rolling over... and over... and over. It's become an Olympic event. For her, she can do it for an hour straight: Roll over, grunt for a while & then start complaining so Mom/Dad has to get up and roll her back, only to have her roll again immediately... We're calling it the Rolling Endurance Event (is it her endurance of rolling or our endurance of having to get up and roll her back?). Either way, it's cute and she rolled over on day 99 of life. Annde took another 3 months to hit this day, so obviously, we were completely unprepared.

Next step: Teeth... some are on the way in. Poor thing... she's a drooling, finger chewing mess. Sigh!

On another note, here's some pictures....
For her 100th day, Annde and I made this shirt - Annde glued on the sequins which I then stitched on. She wore it to Miss Kay's for the day. Isn't she just cute? It has the date on one arm and her name on the other. The back reads "... and I'm on the roll!"

Annde took this picture... Love it!
Here's one of the girls on Valentine's Day. I love the pink matching sweatshirts!

With all the snow, we finally dug out the old boat tube to go sledding since we can't find a sled to buy in any store... It lasted two runs before it blew out. I guess water tubes aren't meant for hard, icy snow! AHAHAHA!!
Lastly, I have been scrapbooking lately. Here's a page I did about the fact that I couldn't get Meg to come out on time. I like the doodling I did...

More stuff to put up but since it's 11pm and I've been up since 3:30am, I am going to bed! :) Nighty Night, everyone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meghan update

So, Meghan is chatting up a storm - constantly making noises. It's pretty cute! (That was until she learned she can do it really loud and make Mom jump... now Mom has a headache...)

At the doctor for her eye - blocked tear duct - they weighed and measured. She's up another pound to over 13 and another 1/2" in the last month.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Music in my Life

Just a quick note...

I did this page as part of a challenge over at It's All About Me... it talks about the role of music in my life. (I'm playing with my new birthday IPOD in the picture. :) )

This site is great because it posts really thought provoking ideas to scrapbook about ourselves. So, I also decided to submit for their design team call - what a great way to get pages about me done, right? I am excited to announce that they picked me as a guest designer! :) I don't know which month but it's exciting to be picked. The people that they have already used at Guest Designers are very cool.

Well - off to work! Annde doesn't have school today - snow - but she's going to have to make it up... not cool for her but cool for me because now I have a day off without the kids! :)