Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Music in my Life

Just a quick note...

I did this page as part of a challenge over at It's All About Me... it talks about the role of music in my life. (I'm playing with my new birthday IPOD in the picture. :) )

This site is great because it posts really thought provoking ideas to scrapbook about ourselves. So, I also decided to submit for their design team call - what a great way to get pages about me done, right? I am excited to announce that they picked me as a guest designer! :) I don't know which month but it's exciting to be picked. The people that they have already used at Guest Designers are very cool.

Well - off to work! Annde doesn't have school today - snow - but she's going to have to make it up... not cool for her but cool for me because now I have a day off without the kids! :)

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Two Treasure said...

LOVE the page -- very cool! I'm excited that you were picked to be a guest designer -- happy for ya!