Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crowned Week 4

For this week, Scrapdango's DT challenged us to take one of our roles and scrapbook it with a list of pros and cons. I chose the role of Mother and my sometime insecurity/lack of confidence...

First, I had Annde tell me good things and bad things about me. Her list is at the bottom of the page. My personal favorite is "bugging her about eating veggies". AHAHAHA! This week, Annde has been trying everything I put on her plate: Salmon (good), celery (not good), french fries (okay), and tater tots (not good)... In fact, the child has been eating a lot! She's definitely growing again. I think maybe we've turned a corner... but this could all be a joke on mommy. Who knows! This parenting thing is not easy!
Here's some close ups on the details...
This is the last week of the competition so the winner will be announced sometime next week. I didn't win any sashes (weekly challenge winner) but they said the voting was close so I guess I still have a chance. I love the layouts I completed so it's still worth it even if I don't win anything...

I also have to laugh about something. I was surfing the blogs and noticed that another Jana (Eubank) has the same blogwear now on her blog. Hopefully, we don't confuse everyone! You saw it here first, fans.

Check back tomorrow for my So Sketch layout... It's going to be on the site then. Pink Sketches will also be announcing their new DT members so there won't be any layouts from me on the board this week... I can't wait to see who Kelli picked to join us!

Also - this makes post 28. I managed to make my goal of a post per day (or the same number of posts as there are days)... Maybe I can keep this up for another month...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Great News

Yesterday was my BFF Tracy's Birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I know this year will be Fabulous! :) (Well, it will once your family gets over that crappy flu thing!) Here's to a wonderful birthday week and great things in 2009!

Then, I got home from work and this was in my mailbox from Kelly Purkey:

I read her blog a lot and she was giving away a Fiskars punch. How great is this one going to be to do the swimming pages and summer pages... :) Thanks Kelly!! (I also love the rub on letters! VERY cute!)

I also found out this morning that my layout was picked for the Coordinates Collections February GDT Contest winner. Yippee!! I knew Cutie Pie was good luck! I get to design with one of the April kits. I can't wait to see what I get!

Well, I am off for now... Gotta go make lunches/breakfast for the family... Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So Sketchy

My last layout for February has been posted over at So Sketchy... so I can now post it here.... yippee.... I just love the softness of the colors in this layout. I had a lot of fun putting it together. I've had these pictures for a while but I just wasn't too motivated to scrapbook them. Then, I got these fun papers from Close to My Heart, trim from an exchange on Scrapbook Doodle, and a sketch from Ally. I love the result!
The page talks about Annde's (and my hubby's) ability to sleep with an eye open. It's part of the lazy eye syndrome they both have/had. As I am the only one who can't do this in our family, it used to freak me out a bit. I could never tell if Annde was truly asleep in the dark. Thankfully, she doesn't do it as much since we started working on strengthening her weak eye but I thought the pictures were fun and it's another one of those fun Dad traits! Head on over to So Sketchy to see Cherie's use of this sketch!

Products used: Close to My Heart (paper, stickers, white letters), misc trim from Scrapbook Doodle exchange, Thickers, Kaiser pearls, Pop Dots, Kokuyo adhesive, DMC floss, and Zig ink.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pink Sketch #22

Here is my Pink Sketch for this week - a layout I did about the scarf my mom sent Annde... She absolutely adores it...

I had fun swapping the sketch around this week. Instead of using angled papers and a straight picture, I used a straight block and mounted angled pictures. I also added an additional picture at the bottom and used 2 angled transparencies over the top of it. If you want to check out the original sketch or what the rest of the DT did, head over to Pink Sketches.

Products used: Sassafras paper, Close to My Heart paper, Creative Imaginations transparency, Little Yellow Bicycle journaling block, Stampin' Up chalk, Oriental Trading arrow, Creative Imaginations (?) tag, Thickers, Sakura Glaze writers, misc trim from Scrapbook Doodle exchange, and Uniball pen .

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Taking Chance

Last night, Steve and I watched an amazing movie.
It was called "Taking Chance".
It's the true story of a soldier named Chance Phelps and his journey home after being killed in Iraq. It's primarily told through the eyes of the Witness, or soldier assigned to escort the body home. I cried the whole time. Literally. Such a wonderfully simple story that is so powerful.

What made this movie even more powerful is that my husband was on the flight last Monday that escorted a young soldier from our town, US Army Specialist Byron Fouty, back to Washington D.C. where he was buried in Arlington Cemetery. His whole family was also on-board the flight. The whole plane honored him when the plane arrived in Washington D.C. It was truly a moving experience for Steve.

I am proud to say that both my Grandfathers, my Father, and my Father-in-law have all served this country in the military. I am extremely lucky that none of them were killed in their service.

Here's the HBO site about this movie:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Whole Bunches & Bunches of stuff...

It's been a super busy week, hasn't it?

Annde's class went on another field trip Friday. At first, I wasn't going to send her - they were going to see Hotel for Dogs. Each of the times we've taken Annde to the theater, she's wanted to leave after about 20 minutes. I didn't want the teachers to have to deal with that. They said that was okay and when Gabriella showed up to go, I knew that I needed to send Annde or it would be a very bad day. Gabi and Annde are pretty much inseperable at school... She went (2nd school bus trip) and she had a blast! She didn't really understand the movie too well but her and Gabi had a good time hanging out together. Next week, when she's back in school, she's going to be bored after all these fun field trips!

Friday night, I hosted a scrapbook night for the Women's group at our church. It was fantasticly fun! I was kinda worried - I had 5 people cancel throughout the day due to sickness. (That NASTY flu that's going around just seems to be a bear!!!) So, I was worried no one would show. I got there, set up 10 sets of make-n-take cards and tables and held my breath... And, then the women started to show! We had 9 women other than myself doing everything from making bracelets to scrapbooking to knitting to crafting with fabric. We listened to music, pigged out on Sandi's AWESOME chocolate fondue... mmmm...., and chatted. It was a pretty relaxed group and everyone had a blast making the cards. Surprisingly, I did 2 layouts in under 3 hours! One of them was for Pink Sketches - the sneak is here but it will be posted sometime on Sunday (link to site on left)... Yep, you guessed it... there's those scarf pictures from earlier this week!

The other was for So Sketchy and I have to say... it was truly an awesome page for me... I will post a sneak later this week. :) Obviously, Ally gets to have the fun of the reveal first!

I've also been participating in the Crowned Competition over at Scrapdango. This is week 3 of 4...

For this week, we were challenged to use only 2 patterned papers, 1 type of letters for the title, and 2 types of embellishment (unlimited ink, adhesive and cardstock). I chose brads and stitching. It was hard for me because you guys know my love of embellishing... especially with stickles and chalk, which weren't allowed. So, I did the next best thing. I grabbed this sheet of paper with an Owl on it from Sassafras.

This current trend to using deer and owls and such is not for me.... My BFF Tracy laughs at me everytime I win something with an owl or deer on it because I won't use it. In this case, I was generously given a Sassafras paper pack from Jamie for naming the January Kits at Coordinates Collections. I just don't particularly see the point of using them for "Whooo's the cutest" or "Whooo's turning five?"... They just don't do anything for me, creatively. So, in my quest to save money and use what I own, I figured this was a good opportunity to think outside the box and get rid of this owl paper.

So, first I cut the owl and tree out of the paper. Then I cut a large block and mounted it behind the paper, layered with a piece of cardstock that I distressed with a brown pen. Then I hand drew some brackets out of 2 more of the patterns on the paper and cut those out, also using the brown pen to edge them. Then, I cut out the stitching down the side of the paper to create stitched sections that I glued on and around the pictures. I added some stitching and a few brads and I was ready to get started with, in true scientist fashion, dissecting the owl:
His eyes became the flowers in the flowers in the corners.
His heart tummy became a heart.
His wings became another heart.
His feet became rays coming out of the date circle.
His stitched body became the arrow.
Then I used the flowers and leaves on the tree to decorate around the page. When I didn't have enough, I made some more out of the branch.

Here's the finished layout...
Here's a few closeups... By the way, it's really hard to write clearly on textured cardstock... So, I grabbed some correction stickers from CTMH and made it a little bit easier...

I have more stuff to post but it can wait until later this week. Better to not overload the system.

I hope you all are having a great weekend. And, Aiden - I hope you are feeling better! I missed your mommy at Scrapbooking Friday night!

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm going Scrappin' tonight!

And I am soooo excited!
My church is doing a Women's night once every month or two and tonight is CRAFT NIGHT...

My stuff is packed...
New pictures ordered...
20 bookmarks are just about done...
40 cards are ready to be assembled (make-n-take I am doing)...
I have the raffle prizes and the pop...
Yep, I'm all ready!

It's been a rough week for me - work has been very stressful and I haven't been feeling super great. But, today's the day! I can't wait!

I'll leave you with this picture...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love of a Scarf!

A day or two ago, Annde received a present in the mail: a beautiful scarf that my mom made her... She loves it! She's been wanting one for a while and I have to be honest, I stink at knitting! So, when my mom was here at Christmas, she looked at yarn with Annde and this is what she made - it's it beautiful!
Then, yesterday, Annde went on her first field trip this year - with the child care (Our school is on Mid Winter Break right now) instead of her preschool class - and she absolutely had a great time. She got to ride the yellow school bus (a first!) and they went to Uncle Al's to play glow-in-the-dark putt-putt (another first!) and eat pizza. Annde had so much fun that by 6:30pm, she crawled up onto the couch and feel asleep. Completely, totally asleep. I could barely wake her to carry her to bed! And, she's been out since that time... Wow! They wore her little butt out!

Well, no scrappy stuff to post. I did 2 layouts this week plus prepped cards and made bookmarks for this weekend's crop/craft night at Church but I haven't take a picture of them. I will try tonight.

Off to make the lunches (like the Dunkin Donuts guy...)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wait 15 minutes, the weather will change...

Just a quick posting...

I didn't do any scrapbooking last night as I had planned. I came down with a headache at work - it was a pretty rough day - and I just couldn't get ahead of it. After I got Annde to sleep, my parents called and we ended up talking on the phone for almost an hour and a half. By the time we got off the phone and dishes/trash roundup/pickup was done, my headache was boring a hole through my brain so I went to bed. I hate the weather changes because they really bring out my migraines. Sigh! There's nothing I can do about Mother Nature other than to pray for kindness from her...

Yesterday, our tickets for the Men's Final 4 came. I am SOOO excited! March Madness is one of my favorite seasons and the fact that we will see the final 2 rounds live is so exciting. We're in the nosebleeds but I don't care. Just being there is so exciting and if MSU gets there - I am going to be bouncing off the walls!! Plus - my 2 brothers are coming in - that will be fun too!! (They also have tickets.)

So, I will have to leave you with a sneak peek of another So Sketchy layout that hasn't been revealed yet. The product is mostly from Close to My Heart - out of their new catalog and I just love it... even though it's blues and greens, it can easily be used for girls:
Have a good day and I hope tonight might contain some Mom craft-time!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pink Sketch #21

For my Pink Sketch this week, I chose to alter an item instead of a layout.

I took a leftover Reese's heart box and covered it inside and out, using this sketch. It was one of Annde's gifts and she loved it ( and the candy inside)! One thing that I love about sketches is that they are so versatile - you don't have to use them just for layouts... I kept it pretty simple because EVERYTHING had to be well-glued on for a 4 year old to play with.

You can check out what the rest of the team did here...

Happy post-Valentines' to you!

Hey Y'all...

Well, another holiday has come and gone and I swear time is flying in 2009! I can't believe it's already the middle of February!

Update on Annde - doing better... Her fever has been down for several days and she seems like she's back to normal. She is still on medicine but at least we only have to argue a bit with her as opposed to a lot...

Valentines was pretty relaxed this year... We didn't have ornate plans and that was cool. Tracy came over to watch the kidlet so we could go out to dinner & (pathetically) Meijers for some grocery shopping. Unfortunately, dinner tanked... After waiting over an hour for our food, it finally came when we told Tracy we would be home so we ended up getting it boxed and eating it at home on the couch. Sigh! It was totally awesome Thai but I was disappointed by the lack of "atmosphere". Could have been worse, eh?

Steve absolutely loved his blanket while Annde liked her's (she wants one as big as Steves...) and the LPS Monkey (it's about 6" tall and you get to decorate it with stickers and glitter and rubons) that Steve got her. I also gave her some candy via my Pink Sketch project and she loved the box. She'll end up keeping it and using it for something once I let her eat all the candy. I got pink roses because - well, Annde loves pink and roses... Steve tried to buy tulips but got overruled. AHAHA...

Well, that's about it... Off to make the lunches for today. Chat more later!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Blog Tag

Quite a few days ago, I was tagged by Heather from Scrapdango. Sorry it took so long but here's my turn. The Rules:

Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.

1. Pick the 6th Folder, then select the the 6th picture in that folder.

2. Post that picture on your blog and the story that goes along with the picture.

3. Tag 6 other people that you know or don’t know to do the same thing and leave a comment on their blog or an e-mail letting them know you chose them.

So here is the 6th picture in my 6th folder. AHAHAHAHA I about died laughing when I saw what it was...

Annde was trying to convince me to let her open her Advent Calendar and I said that if she let me take a few pictures, she could... This was what I ended up with!

So, I need to tag 6 people...

Okay... off to help with dinner...

Another Layout and some Drama

So, yesterday was supposed to be Annde's second field trip for school this year. She missed the first one with a raging case of double pink eye. We had high hopes for this one - Dad specifically flew home a day early to take Annde on this field trip to the Bowling Alley, where the kids were going to bowl and have their valentines party. We were all so excited!

Instead, we took a family trip to the ER: Annde spiked a 104 fever at lunch and started to complain her chest/side/stomach was really hurting. So, off we went and after several hours involving the trauma of putting in an IV (which Annde REALLY REALLY did well at... seriously! She did better than I do!!) and chest x-rays... we found out she has pneumonia and severe dehydration. She sucked down 750mL in her arm - we told her that her arm was thirsty and she did really good with it - and 2 purple popsicles that the Dr. gave her... Boy! Annde, really
knows how to miss field trips, eh?!? Needless to say, our sleep last night was limited by getting up to give medicine for the fever and the nosebleed at 2am. Sigh! Hopefully, she feels better today so we can still enjoy the holiday tomorrow!

And, just for fun, here's another layout I did a couple of nights ago. I used Becky's Sketch from PageMaps and tipped it on it's side... You can see the original sketch HERE. Then, I combined it with a journaling challenge from One Little Word, for using the word FUN on a layout. The journaling is (since it's sooo small on the layout):

With my job in jeopardy of disappearing into this crappy economy, getting up to go to work each day has become difficult. I don't look forward to the 1/2 empty parking lot, the constant tension and fear coursing through the hallways... I stress out when I think about missing paychecks through layoff periods. But - I have to remember that I HAVE a job still, I work with great people, & I'm good at my job... I need to look deeply into myself, release the fear and anxiety because it won't change anything. I need to find the fun in my career again... cuz there aren't many options out there for a change.

And on that perky note - HA! - I'm off to work for a couple of hours...

Products used: Paper (CTMH, Sandylion, K&Co, misc scraps), overlay (KI Memories), stickers (CTMH, American Crafts), rubons (Stampin Up), butterflies (Making Memories), ink (Zig, Sharpie), and adhesive (Popdots, Kokuyo).

So Sketchy Layout : Frozen Fun

Here's the page I finally get to reveal from So Sketchy. These are pictures from Annde and Nickie playing outside earlier this winter - one of the only sets of winter pictures I have from this year because it's been soooo cold and she's been sick a lot.

This was the sketch:
and here's my page:

I changed the single picture in to a picture strip and then also changed the single title block into a series of round punched snowflakes. I distressed the edges and used some white chalk ink to soften them. My journaling went around the page because I liked the clean lines of the sketch and didn't want to ruin them. But, my favorite part of this page is the intensely bright colors. I just love how they light up the pictures and make the snowflake lace really pop. Enjoy!

Products used: Bazzill (cardstock), Basic Grey(PP), Dream Street (PP), K & Co. (PP), K&I snowflake paper, Popdots, Kokuyo adhesive, chalk ink, Uniball writer, and EK Success snowflake punch.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Interesting Article

I read a link this this article, "I'm Invisible" on Virginia's Blog and thought it was phenomenal. You should check it out too!!

It really resonances for me because not only do I hear myself saying the things she does at home, but I feel it here at work too. Check it out!!

Crowned Week 2

So, for week 2 of the competition at Scrapdango, we had to scraplift something and use ink "as makeup"...

I scraplifted Kathi's layout:

And came up with this one:

I really need to take a picture during the day because the page is pretty sparkly with all the gold and stickles. This view shows a close up of the finger painted letters (like putting on eye shadow):This view shows how I applied gold pigment ink to white chipboard shapes to make them gold, like blusher.
This view shows the blusher technique on the chipboard frame as well as adding lipstick - covering the raised bumps of the gold flourishes with color (but not the cracks...)Well, it's late and I need sleep so ... I am off! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yeah!! I won...

I am excited to say that I won a contest over at one my of LSS, Scrapbookers Ink. They had a January Challenge for a PageMap sketch and you know me and sketches...

Here's the sketch:

And here's my layout:

Yippee!! I won a gift certificate to the store and will be posting my layout. Fabulous!

Man, my fingers are tired!

I decided to do something unusual for Steve this year for Valentine's Day. He was really admiring this wonderful fleece blanket my Father in Law got for retirement so I decided to make him one. Now, my hubby is 6'6" and over 225 lbs... So, a regular sized one wouldn't cover him too well. So, I made him one that was 7.5' x 6'. The thing is absolutely HUGE! Annde and I did it together tonight... or rather, I cut and tied and she ran around on the top of it (it was spread on the floor) yelling "GO Michigan State! Go Green! Go Michigan State University! Go Sparty! Go White!" It was her way of "cheering me on" to do it. What she doesn't know, is that I used some left over fleece and the remainders from Dad's to make a mini-one for Annde (5'x3')... She is going to be SO excited. Here they are:

Annde's sitting on top of Dad's...
Annde's unfolded to show the pattern of strips.
I love how they came out... Don't worry about me not having one. Steve's is MORE than big enough to share!

Today was my first day back to work and I was surprised, only 293 emails! It took me about 4 hours to work through all of them. It felt good to get back into the swing of things, even if I did get more work when I met with my "new" boss. (While I was gone, 5 more people in my department got laid off for an additional 9 weeks.) Annde did very well today at school and came home to eat a large bowl of fruit salad (I am talking a salad bowl full) and 2 - yes, 2 - full size chicken breasts (and she wanted more!)... Can you say "Growth Spurt?"

Well, time to gather the trash for the trashman tomorrow and go to bed. 5am will come really early tomorrow!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pink Sketch #20

Here's the full layout for my Pink Sketch of the Week (#20)...
I love all the detailing in it... from the coloring in of the border around the journaling to the layers of papers which made up the flower. The only thing I don't like about this layout is how hard this paper was to work with. The Laundry Line from My Mind's Eye is coated with sparkles. Normally, I would love that - you know me and bling! - but in this case, the sparkles make it INCREDIBLY hard to get anything to stick. So, all my pics and layers all were put on with pop dots. I still have more of this paper to use - any other suggestions for adhesive? I already know tape runners (Tombo, Kokuyo) and adhesive squares (3M, CM) don't work... I did use some glue stick but that wasn't too sticky either... You know, it's funny - the only thing that went on smoothly was the rub ons by Heidi Grace... :)

Scrappin' with Tracy & Speeding on a Toboggan...

Friday night, Tracy and I got together to scrapbook... There was a lot of laughing and chatting, and a little scrapbooking too. Here's 2 pages I did:I love the bright colors in this layout as well as the layering. It talks about how Annde is not too fond of the phone but there are these moments, like this one, where I realize that she's growing up... and where I see some of myself in her. For example, I used to lay on the floor under the dining room table and prop my feet up on the chairs when I would talk on the phone... The year I went home to my parents, after I had started dating Steve, I was laying on the floor and talking - just like this...

This layout is about Annde's FAVORITE stuffed animal - Cutie Pie. He's (yep, he...) is a tiger she adopted from the Zoo gift shop with Dad and he goes EVERYWHERE with us... I noticed that he seems to pop up in pictures alot so I decided to scrap him...
Yep - it's a Jana page - lots of hand doodling and layering... don't you just love those waves from Bazzill? I have the strips assortment in just about every color...Saturday, after swim lessons, we went tobogganing at the Fridge. It was super warm today (mid 40s) so they closed early (noon) since the ice was melting. Imagine that? With the extra water on the tracks, it's harder to stop the sleds at the bottom - we found out when our sled went off the end of the track... Using my camera, I took this picture as we slid down the track at just over 30 mph.

Here's the back of Annde's head (she was in front of me) as we came out under the awning. Camera didn't focus too well, eh?The camera was contraband so I never got a picture of us actually sitting on the sled but here is us waiting... and waiting... and waiting... to take a turn again. It was worth the wait! (Yes, the sled was heavy - it can hold up to 4 people so Steve obviously isn't having as much fun as me and Annde were.)
Well, it's late... so I am off to bed. More tomorrow so check back!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sneaky peak Sketches...

I have scrapped the last few nights but can't show you them...
Instead let me offer some peaks...
Here's my page for So Sketchy. I just love the colors of this layout - the blues and greens and sparkle. Plus, any page with Annde sticking her tongue out has got to be a favorite!

And this one is for Pink Sketches. There's that hand stitching again... Had to do it last night so my hubby wouldn't tease me about it tonight...I probably won't have anything from tonight for tomorrow... My head is still working out a migraine from this morning so chances are, I will just go to bed early...

See ya!

Crazy Busy Day...

Yesterday, Annde had a playdate after school with her best buddy, Gabriella. The two girls are so great together. They had a blast playing princess & treasure hunting. My house got TOTALLY trashed as they piled EVERYTHING in the house not nailed down on the floor in the kitchen as "treasure"... I am so not kidding. I am talking EVERY book on the bookshelves, all Annde's stuffed animals, Little Petshop houses, Barbie stuff, Teapot sets, Legos, Pillows from the couches and bedrooms, clothes, art supplies, shoes... Do I need to go on? And what do princesses eat to get ready for this treasure hunt? Nothing... They make fun pizzas and then ignore them for the rest of the night. (Annde scarfed her's right after Gabriella left and then went right to sleep)... The night was awesome - especially when I learned Gabriella's mom was a fellow scrapper. YEAH!! Another person to 'play' with! Annde had so much fun that today her first words were "Can Gabriella come over today?"

... but my answer was no because we spent the morning with Poppy in Lansing. Retirement is definitely agreeing with him. He looks fabulous!! :) I am so glad he's doing well...

However, today was kinda nutso. Yeah, I know... that's not really a word but I felt like I was behind the whole day. This not-working thing is totally getting to me. I am so used to my clockwork day: the getting up routine, the at-work routine, the pick-up-the-kid-thru-bedtime routing, scrapping-while-watching TV routine... My week works because I have a plan.

Right now, no plan. No schedule. No routine.

Yes, the house is clean. Yes, the laundry is done. Yes, I've scrapped a TON while I was off. Yes, Annde and I have spent a TON of time together playing and being together. And, its been fun.

But, we're off our routine and I can tell. She struggling to figure it out. I'm struggling to figure it out. She's been super clingy this week, super sensative about being told what to do, and bouncing off the walls at school... She's hasn't been "Annde" this week.

I think part of the problem is that with me being home, my fiercely independant child is losing some of that independance because with me around, she wants my attention ALL the time. Because she knows that "I am home this week." I love that independant child... I love the fact that she can and will play by herself, that she wants to figure things out without help, that she is determined to do it her way. I see that as so important to growing up and into a strong woman.

Next week, we will struggle to get up and back into the swing. But, I think it's better for us. I think that once she gets back into her zone, she will go back to being the normal Annde. Maybe this is a scrapbook page - what our daily routine is... I should do it with her tomorrow maybe... so we can both remind ourselves what's in store for us next week.

While we were home this evening - we spent the morning in Lansing with Poppy - Annde and I worked on our valentines. We made them for our friends and classmates (Little Petshop with M&Ms - of course) and for our family (see the pic below). I am usually the loser aunt that forgets to send a card so this year, one of my goals is to stop being the loser aunt. I'm going to mail these Friday.
The pictures are tinted pink or super saturated in pink. I like how they came out... I used all scraps from out of my bag and Annde helped decorate them. :)

Well off to bed... I have to get up in the morning and jump on that bike downstairs before Annde gets up.... Nighty night!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Layout Tag at Scrapdango & Cyber Crop at CC

So, Scrapdango plays this fun game called Layout tag... I can't say that I've seen it other places but I am betting others play it too. Basically it goes like this: the person in charge picks a layout to start with. Then, using a list of participants, sends it to the first one on the list. She scraplifts the layout (in 48 hrs) however she wants and then sends it to the person in charge, who in turn sends that layout to the next person on the list. It's great to see the reveal because the layout design REALLY changes through the process, due to other scrapper's style and material choices. Here's mine from the last game of layout tag:
I turned Colleen's page 90 degrees and replaced the circles with the bugs/stitching. I also moved my journaling to the corner so it would easier to read.
You can see our team - we won! - go through the game here...
and you can see our competion go through the game here...

Lots of fun!! Since I am in charge of games at the next Cyber Crop at Coordinates Collections, we are definitely going to play a version of this game, if people are interested... That Crop is March 27-29th. Join in the fun. As always, there will be a ton of challenges as well as a ton of prizes!!