Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Layout Tag at Scrapdango & Cyber Crop at CC

So, Scrapdango plays this fun game called Layout tag... I can't say that I've seen it other places but I am betting others play it too. Basically it goes like this: the person in charge picks a layout to start with. Then, using a list of participants, sends it to the first one on the list. She scraplifts the layout (in 48 hrs) however she wants and then sends it to the person in charge, who in turn sends that layout to the next person on the list. It's great to see the reveal because the layout design REALLY changes through the process, due to other scrapper's style and material choices. Here's mine from the last game of layout tag:
I turned Colleen's page 90 degrees and replaced the circles with the bugs/stitching. I also moved my journaling to the corner so it would easier to read.
You can see our team - we won! - go through the game here...
and you can see our competion go through the game here...

Lots of fun!! Since I am in charge of games at the next Cyber Crop at Coordinates Collections, we are definitely going to play a version of this game, if people are interested... That Crop is March 27-29th. Join in the fun. As always, there will be a ton of challenges as well as a ton of prizes!!

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Lucy Chesna said...

love the layout jane...great blog you have :)