Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love of a Scarf!

A day or two ago, Annde received a present in the mail: a beautiful scarf that my mom made her... She loves it! She's been wanting one for a while and I have to be honest, I stink at knitting! So, when my mom was here at Christmas, she looked at yarn with Annde and this is what she made - it's it beautiful!
Then, yesterday, Annde went on her first field trip this year - with the child care (Our school is on Mid Winter Break right now) instead of her preschool class - and she absolutely had a great time. She got to ride the yellow school bus (a first!) and they went to Uncle Al's to play glow-in-the-dark putt-putt (another first!) and eat pizza. Annde had so much fun that by 6:30pm, she crawled up onto the couch and feel asleep. Completely, totally asleep. I could barely wake her to carry her to bed! And, she's been out since that time... Wow! They wore her little butt out!

Well, no scrappy stuff to post. I did 2 layouts this week plus prepped cards and made bookmarks for this weekend's crop/craft night at Church but I haven't take a picture of them. I will try tonight.

Off to make the lunches (like the Dunkin Donuts guy...)


GinniG said...

What a beautiful scarf!!! Annde's growing like a weed too! ;) Congrats on all her firsts! Brought back memories of my DD's firsts so many years ago. LOL about the Dunkin Donuts guy! My DH says "Off to hang the draperies" quite often as he's walking out the door. Hehe! Just found the Pink Sketches site. Might have to join you over there! ;)

Staci Compher said...

oh she looks so sweet with her cute scarf!!! I think we will be seeing these cute pics on a layout soon??

redoaklines said...

those are such adorable pics with her scarf! can't wait to see your layouts!!