Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Layout and some Drama

So, yesterday was supposed to be Annde's second field trip for school this year. She missed the first one with a raging case of double pink eye. We had high hopes for this one - Dad specifically flew home a day early to take Annde on this field trip to the Bowling Alley, where the kids were going to bowl and have their valentines party. We were all so excited!

Instead, we took a family trip to the ER: Annde spiked a 104 fever at lunch and started to complain her chest/side/stomach was really hurting. So, off we went and after several hours involving the trauma of putting in an IV (which Annde REALLY REALLY did well at... seriously! She did better than I do!!) and chest x-rays... we found out she has pneumonia and severe dehydration. She sucked down 750mL in her arm - we told her that her arm was thirsty and she did really good with it - and 2 purple popsicles that the Dr. gave her... Boy! Annde, really
knows how to miss field trips, eh?!? Needless to say, our sleep last night was limited by getting up to give medicine for the fever and the nosebleed at 2am. Sigh! Hopefully, she feels better today so we can still enjoy the holiday tomorrow!

And, just for fun, here's another layout I did a couple of nights ago. I used Becky's Sketch from PageMaps and tipped it on it's side... You can see the original sketch HERE. Then, I combined it with a journaling challenge from One Little Word, for using the word FUN on a layout. The journaling is (since it's sooo small on the layout):

With my job in jeopardy of disappearing into this crappy economy, getting up to go to work each day has become difficult. I don't look forward to the 1/2 empty parking lot, the constant tension and fear coursing through the hallways... I stress out when I think about missing paychecks through layoff periods. But - I have to remember that I HAVE a job still, I work with great people, & I'm good at my job... I need to look deeply into myself, release the fear and anxiety because it won't change anything. I need to find the fun in my career again... cuz there aren't many options out there for a change.

And on that perky note - HA! - I'm off to work for a couple of hours...

Products used: Paper (CTMH, Sandylion, K&Co, misc scraps), overlay (KI Memories), stickers (CTMH, American Crafts), rubons (Stampin Up), butterflies (Making Memories), ink (Zig, Sharpie), and adhesive (Popdots, Kokuyo).


redoaklines said...

pink eye is never fun! eeeps! =( hope she starts to feel better soon.

also, great take on the OLW challenge. your layout looks awesome.


Lynn said...

LOVE your layout! Love your take on this challenge!

Lisa Smith said...

I really liked your layout. I saw it from Coordinates Collections. I love the many links to other great scrapbook websites too!

Linnao said...

That's some pretty good journaling, I'm sorry though that the job is not fun anymore, I can only imagine how it is to fear all the time.
Your layout is beautiful!
I hope your little girl is feeling better!

gudrun said...

Love your LO! :)

Denise said...

I like how you used the challenge. The 3 photos and the tilt of the layout is wonderful! Hope you can find your fun again. Hang in's hard for so many people but we'll get through it some how!