Sunday, February 22, 2009

Taking Chance

Last night, Steve and I watched an amazing movie.
It was called "Taking Chance".
It's the true story of a soldier named Chance Phelps and his journey home after being killed in Iraq. It's primarily told through the eyes of the Witness, or soldier assigned to escort the body home. I cried the whole time. Literally. Such a wonderfully simple story that is so powerful.

What made this movie even more powerful is that my husband was on the flight last Monday that escorted a young soldier from our town, US Army Specialist Byron Fouty, back to Washington D.C. where he was buried in Arlington Cemetery. His whole family was also on-board the flight. The whole plane honored him when the plane arrived in Washington D.C. It was truly a moving experience for Steve.

I am proud to say that both my Grandfathers, my Father, and my Father-in-law have all served this country in the military. I am extremely lucky that none of them were killed in their service.

Here's the HBO site about this movie:

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