Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crazy Busy Day...

Yesterday, Annde had a playdate after school with her best buddy, Gabriella. The two girls are so great together. They had a blast playing princess & treasure hunting. My house got TOTALLY trashed as they piled EVERYTHING in the house not nailed down on the floor in the kitchen as "treasure"... I am so not kidding. I am talking EVERY book on the bookshelves, all Annde's stuffed animals, Little Petshop houses, Barbie stuff, Teapot sets, Legos, Pillows from the couches and bedrooms, clothes, art supplies, shoes... Do I need to go on? And what do princesses eat to get ready for this treasure hunt? Nothing... They make fun pizzas and then ignore them for the rest of the night. (Annde scarfed her's right after Gabriella left and then went right to sleep)... The night was awesome - especially when I learned Gabriella's mom was a fellow scrapper. YEAH!! Another person to 'play' with! Annde had so much fun that today her first words were "Can Gabriella come over today?"

... but my answer was no because we spent the morning with Poppy in Lansing. Retirement is definitely agreeing with him. He looks fabulous!! :) I am so glad he's doing well...

However, today was kinda nutso. Yeah, I know... that's not really a word but I felt like I was behind the whole day. This not-working thing is totally getting to me. I am so used to my clockwork day: the getting up routine, the at-work routine, the pick-up-the-kid-thru-bedtime routing, scrapping-while-watching TV routine... My week works because I have a plan.

Right now, no plan. No schedule. No routine.

Yes, the house is clean. Yes, the laundry is done. Yes, I've scrapped a TON while I was off. Yes, Annde and I have spent a TON of time together playing and being together. And, its been fun.

But, we're off our routine and I can tell. She struggling to figure it out. I'm struggling to figure it out. She's been super clingy this week, super sensative about being told what to do, and bouncing off the walls at school... She's hasn't been "Annde" this week.

I think part of the problem is that with me being home, my fiercely independant child is losing some of that independance because with me around, she wants my attention ALL the time. Because she knows that "I am home this week." I love that independant child... I love the fact that she can and will play by herself, that she wants to figure things out without help, that she is determined to do it her way. I see that as so important to growing up and into a strong woman.

Next week, we will struggle to get up and back into the swing. But, I think it's better for us. I think that once she gets back into her zone, she will go back to being the normal Annde. Maybe this is a scrapbook page - what our daily routine is... I should do it with her tomorrow maybe... so we can both remind ourselves what's in store for us next week.

While we were home this evening - we spent the morning in Lansing with Poppy - Annde and I worked on our valentines. We made them for our friends and classmates (Little Petshop with M&Ms - of course) and for our family (see the pic below). I am usually the loser aunt that forgets to send a card so this year, one of my goals is to stop being the loser aunt. I'm going to mail these Friday.
The pictures are tinted pink or super saturated in pink. I like how they came out... I used all scraps from out of my bag and Annde helped decorate them. :)

Well off to bed... I have to get up in the morning and jump on that bike downstairs before Annde gets up.... Nighty night!

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redoaklines said...

great valentines jana!!

hope everything gets organized for you very soon! i'm feeling the same way as you recently!