Sunday, March 28, 2010

We're on our way to the Final 4, again!

We're very excited here in the Patterson household... MSU is on it's way to the big Dance for the 2nd year in a row... Even Meg's geeked! Here she is (Mom, close your eyes on this one) watching last year's Semi-finals... getting geared up to go for today's Big Game against Tennessee...

Of course, we're all decked on in our MSU gear (except for Annde who didn't want to get out of her PJs today... Meg's excited to pull off her socks on a minute-by-minute basis...

Here's her and Dad on the couch. I don't know who was yelling louder through the game. V for Victory, Meg!
Here's Annde's sign. She made it after seeing some of them during the game. She spent the last 10 minutes waiving it around and cheering...

... like this...


And to think, last year, April 4 and 6th, 2009, we were there... and that weekend completely changed our lives. What a great way to celebrate this year!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pictures of DC fun

So, here are some pictures from last week... Annde playing soccer (She's in the brown shirt and pink sweat pants. She got knocked down about 15 seconds later so I didn't take many other pictures)...

She didn't mind when she wasn't playing - apparently there are a lot of wild flowers (read "weeds" here) in the field which she was collecting between her turns on the field. :)

We have been spending a bunch of time down at the Memorials. Here's Annde at the WW2 Memorial...

And the 3 of us in front of Lincoln...
... and Dad and Annde walking down the tidal pool...
Meg just wanted you to know she loves food - any kind that you put in her mouth - as long as you put it in her mouth at a high rate of speed. She likes rice, oatmeal, carrots, pears, peaches, bananas, squash, and sweet potatoes. She loves to eat... a lot!
Well, I forgot to post this the other day... So, I am going to hit a quick publish and then upload some more stuff!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekly Update from Patterson land.

So, it's been a pretty busy week around the Patterson household. Besides the normal daily work/school and after school stuff, we attended our first Girl Scout function - a trip the Air & Space Museum for GS day. Annde and I got to try a lot of experiments, listen a female astronaut, meet a female pilot from WWII (WASP 43-7), and of course, spend a lot of time with our friends. I was happy that Raenise and her mom, Katrina could join us. Raenise is a new addition to Annde's daycare and it's wonderful to have such a nice young lady to hang out with after school.
Here's some pictures:
I totally dig those aviator glasses, don't you?
Learning about take-offs and landings and how the air can affect them...
I also scrapped 2 nights this week and came out with these two pages among two others partially finished.

The first page was using a picture I took of Annde at four months (in 2004) and one of Meghan that I tried to duplicate Annde's picture. Meg's only 3 months, though... It is amazing how similar they look to me.
And then, because a baby book would not be a baby book without a bath page, here's the faces of Meg during a bath. She's so expressive with her emotions.We're looking forward to the end of the month: Steve and Annde go to the circus, we are all going down the National Kite Festival and the National Cherry Tree Festival, and Uncle Kevin comes in for a visit and a chance to meet Meghan for the first time...

Speaking of Meghan - she's grown a lot this month and I do mean ALOT. 1.5" and 2 lbs. Her doctor was surprised and commented that Meghan is "definitely ready to be on table food" due to her formula consumption. So, Meghan's officially on rice and oatmeal now. We get to wait 2 weeks and then start her on fruits and veggies. Our little beefcake! :)
Here's her at 4 mos. Our big girl is now wearing 9mo and 12 mo clothing (this is a 12 mo outfit). Isn't she so cute?!?!
And, for your viewing entertainment... it's "Where's Meg?" Watch out, she can screech pretty loud so turn down your volume a bit...


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

President's Program

Here's Annde in her president's program...

Miss Tracy - this one is for you since you love Abe Lincoln so much!! (She's on the left when I zoom in... Trying to get her and several friends in the picture so that I can share the video with the other moms due to camera difficulties...)

Her favorite part of the presentation... I love the end!


What a great time we had watching Annde perform. She did really well and had fun. We're so proud of her! Here she is on her 100 days of school (March 2nd). I love the project we did - so unique! (Blame Fancy Nancy for this one... she couldn't do a poster like the rest of the kids...)

We're also proud of Meg... not only can she roll all the way over now, she's starting to crawl on her face (legs crawling but no strength to push up so she scoots along on those big, padded cheeks!) and she can hold her bottle when she wants too:

Gotta love DC - we decided last Sunday morning to go to the Thomas Jefferson memorial... Only a 20 minute drive to so much history and opportunity! Love it!!