Wednesday, March 3, 2010

President's Program

Here's Annde in her president's program...

Miss Tracy - this one is for you since you love Abe Lincoln so much!! (She's on the left when I zoom in... Trying to get her and several friends in the picture so that I can share the video with the other moms due to camera difficulties...)

Her favorite part of the presentation... I love the end!

What a great time we had watching Annde perform. She did really well and had fun. We're so proud of her! Here she is on her 100 days of school (March 2nd). I love the project we did - so unique! (Blame Fancy Nancy for this one... she couldn't do a poster like the rest of the kids...)

We're also proud of Meg... not only can she roll all the way over now, she's starting to crawl on her face (legs crawling but no strength to push up so she scoots along on those big, padded cheeks!) and she can hold her bottle when she wants too:

Gotta love DC - we decided last Sunday morning to go to the Thomas Jefferson memorial... Only a 20 minute drive to so much history and opportunity! Love it!!

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