Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Sweet Holiday Memories will last forever...

Christmas cookies are always a fun holiday tradition. I remember helping my mother make them early in December... it was a family affair! Susan would make the green wreaths out of corn flakes, Jon & Jeff would make the spritzer cookies with Dad, and I would help make whatever cookie Mom came up with for me to help with. It was tons of fun it was to make AND EAT all those cookies. We would make dozens of cookies, of a least 6 different kinds, over the period of a week or two. Then, there would be great cookies for the rest of the month. In our household, the green wreaths would go first and Susan would have to remake them. You could always tell who was snitching them - his or her mouth would be green!

I decided to try to start this tradition with Annde this year since she loves to help cook. We signed up for Cookies at the daycare X-mas party. I made it easy on myself by buying predone dough (sugar and gingerbread) and let her roll it out, cut it out, and help me put it on the pans. It killed her to wait for decorating until it was cool. We had so much fun... I did the frosting, she did the sprinkles. Annde is definitely the sprinkle queen! Where did the frosting on her hands come from? Well, what mom wouldn't sneak a sample of frosting to her kid after all that hard work?!!? The cookies tasted awesome at the party. While the sugar won't keep us hyper for long, this memory will last me a lifetime!

Have a sweet Holiday Season!!

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