Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

Hopefully, Cupid's been pretty good to you this year and you have lots of fun chocolate in your tummies! Our family was blessed this week with the birth of our own little sweetness - Elaine and Chris welcome a wonderful little boy named Andrew Ryan into the family. He's definitely a keeper! Congrats to them!!

This week has also been a busy week for me... Steve is back on the road and with that, I have to re-adjust back into the role of Supermom! Hasn't been too bad, really... I even got a couple of really cool pages and a mini-album done. This page (right) was done as part of a challenge: do a 12x12 page without pics. It was done for my sweetest friend, Tracy, who has made a huge impact in my life and continues to be such a super friend! The hidden journaling (attached to the bottom of the boat - hidden in the waves like an anchor) tells her just what an amazing woman she is. The song is Garth Brook's "Til You Come Back to Me Again" - love him and love the song! {Lost the challenge but o well!} The whole page is painted by hand by me! Who knew I could paint? AHAHAHAHA

Also, I am really excited because I got the coolest little mini album done. Ever wonder what to do with all those wallet size pictures of nieces and nephews after you take them out of your wallet? I created this cute little chipboard album in which I created a little section for each of my nieces and nephews. They have a page for each picture and I update it with fun little facts, like "Braxton is such a happy baby" or "Eme is a speed demon on her knees... " I'll post pictures of it after I get it back from the Scrapbook Zone. {I used it as part of my design team application. I would really love to make their team!}

Other than that, things are kind of slow. Looking forward to the March Madness to begin... MSU might not be playing too great right now but they always do well in tourney play. Plus, Steve surprised me with tickets to the Regionals at Ford Field. I can't wait to go watch some great basketball and cheer on MSU (if they get put in that bracket) or the underdog. Love a big upset!

Hope you guys have a great holiday. Eat lots of chocolate!!

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