Monday, October 13, 2008

A long and winding... Fall!

Fall is around us in Michigan. It's my FAVORITE season!! I love football and the colors changing and the nip in the air... Mmm... What a wonderful time! Unfortunately, the fall in my title doesn't refer to the season, but my own klutzyness.

You see, yesterday was a comedy of errors. First, while she was playing, Annde tripped and fell down the front steps. After a couple of bandaids and kisses, she was fine and back out to play. Later on, I was taking some hangers downstairs and my bad knee decided that it would be the perfect time to not function. So, 4 steps from the bottom, I went flying and crash landed at the bottom. Other than a bruised shin, hip, foot, shoulder, and ego, I am fine... just black and blue and sheepish! Then around 1am, Annde let out this loud shrieking cry, yelling "BUGS!!" and in my haste to get to her (the 3 gargantuan steps that I took from my bedroom to her's), I misjudged the door frame and cracked my already throbbing shoulder and my head against it on my way into her. Steve said it barely phased me in my rush to get to her. I felt it this morning though! I guess she was scared of Mosquitos. Hmmm... at least, that's what she told me at 3am and 5:30am when she got up crying again. Maybe tonight will be a little better...

Luckily for me, though, I was finished working on my projects for the FALL Coordinates Collections Cyber Crop. I came up with these pages & card. Sorry that the pictures are dark - I took them at night and need to retake them in the sun.:
The first one is about Steve's trip with Annde to the cider mill (while I was scrapbooking).
This page I did about a trip to a fun park near our house. It was so much fun to experience all these new things with Annde. It was her first time driving her own go cart and she went hog wild on the trampoline. The miniture golf would have been better at 9 holes... she got sick of it. Next time, we'll wear tennis shoes so she can kick the soccer balls (instead of baseball) and climb the rock wall. The next page was about Annde playing her "jumpin' game" - basically hurdling anything she can set up in her course. She doesn't know this was one of my events when I ran track in HS/College... She just loves to jump!

This is a page I did about Annde's new school. I wandered around taking some pictures and this is where I used them. It was fun to do this page because I not only got to use 16 pictures but I combined a Scrapbook Doodle challenge that I posted for their Friday night crop (use 10 pictures on a page for the 10th month) with the Challenge for CC for the use of this Scenic Route patterned paper. Here's one of the bonus doorprizes: Create a card from one of the challenges... I chose the one using 4 patterned papers and created this card to say Thanks! I love how it opens in a non-traditional way...

These are 2 pages I did for my journal using the Challenges. Hey, why not??!? The first one is about my favorite Scrapbook manufacturers (I had to use numbers 1-9 on a page). The journaling reads: "My life is my message, carefully recorded, page by page between the covers of albums. My life is my message, and these manufacturers are the ones I tend to grab out of my bag first when I have something to say or memorialize. My life is my message, and while my message isn’t limited to these 10 companies, they show up over and over again in what I make." and the second one is about why I blog (I had to use 6 fonts in the title). The journaling on this page reads: "I was once recently asked by someone why I blog. “Why waste the time and effort? Does anyone actually read what you write?” Maybe only 1 or 2 people might read it but to me, those people actually want to know what I am doing, how life is going, what my scrapbook pages look like. Those people matter to me. Blogging can make life easier: It’s easier to say, “Check the blog” than it is to write a letter. It’s easier to post pictures and pages than send a copy to everyone. But, it’s more than that to me... So, why do I blog? I blog because I can and I really enjoy it. I blog because someone once told me that my blog was: “Very humorous and a real peek into your life. It's the best blog I've ever read. Just wanted to say keep up the good work.” She’s a wonderful woman and it meant a lot to me because she only knows me through one of my boards. I blog because I know some of my family members and friends like to read what I write or see what I am doing. Maybe the question should be: Why don’t you blog?"

As for other fun news, I was picked as the November Guest Designer for ScrapDango! FABULOUS!! I got a sneak peak at what's in my kit and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I also won bingo at CC this month and won a fun prize too! You can see it used in 2 of the pages & the card above (Cider Mill and Summer Fun)

Tomorrow is my first workshop for Susan's 3 day and I am happy to say that I have sold 5 out of 6 spots! Only one to go - if you are interested, let me know!! The reveal of project 2 will be on Wednesday or Thursday and is a fun way to do a picture Christmas card! I can't wait to show you!

Well, that's all for now... I am going home to ice my leg, or rather ice my drink to make me forget my leg!! AHAHAHAHA


redoaklines said...

i LOVE multiphoto layouts. i can't seem to do them, but yours turned out fabulously!

sorry to hear of the incidents that happened over the weekend. if it makes you feel any better, i banged my leg pretty hard on the corner of the couch and left myself a bruise as well. hehe.

anyway, have a great week!

Healthy Home Maker said...

Jana .. seriously. You know that I love you dearly, and I love your layouts. Every scrap page that you do is beautiful and I am jealous. But, I am sitting here reading this, nearly peeing my pants with hysterical laughter. You posted about your fall .. bummer. Then, you posted a page about how you used to jump hurdles in track. One of these things is NOT like the other, my dear friend. No wonder your Mom was nervous when you chose hurdles, you klutz! :) xoxoxo

kathi_minikatie said...

Jana, man, those sound like some nasty spills - hope both of you are doing better now. Fantastic LOs and huge congrats on GDT @ ScrapDango in Nov. I can't wait for you to join us for a month of fun!

Sophia said...

Hey Jana. As I was reading your blog I was going "Ouch!!!" I do hope your bruises are better already. I'm loving your LOs!!! YOu really have an awesome way with multi-photo LOs!!! Big congrats to you for making GDT on ScrapDango! Can't wait to see what you've come up with =)

Sophia (Pink Sketches)