Monday, October 27, 2008

My List of Life

I am: Jana

I think: about so much stuff that my mind sometimes wants to explode.

I know: my faith is strong.

I want: to feel secure.

I have: an addiction to scrapbook blogs, magazines, & challenges.

I dislike: parents who refuse to take the time and responsibility to be parents.

I miss: my family.

I fear: the state of the current economy.

I feel: tired from being worried.

I hear: the clickity clack of keyboards being used.

I smell: the hot mulled cider sitting on my desk top.

I crave: my scrapbook stuff...

I cry: when I think about wanting to have another child. It can be frustrating when others are being granted the wish you wish and you are left alone, waiting and hoping.

I usually: have at least 1 basket of laundry to fold.

I search: for balance in my life.

I wonder: what my child will be like when she grows up.

I regret: not really exploring what my career would be when I was young enough to do something about it.

I wish: my family got along better.

I love: my husband with all my heart, through better and worse.

I care: about my friends and how they are doing.

I always: check my email.

I worry: that the world I brought Annde into isn’t the best environment: there’s so much anger and hate and disease… but that will make her stronger, I think!

I am not: shy or afraid to express my opinion.

I remember: why I am proud to be an American, even if the political climate right now is making me nutso! I wish this election would be over already.

I believe: that every person is capable of amazing things. Most just forget that as they muddle day to day.

I sing: in the car. I don't care who sees me. I used to be good at it, now I’m just louder.

I don't always: think before I speak. Sometimes, it’s funny and other times, I get into trouble….

I argue: with my family. Sometimes its fun, sometimes its unintentional, sometimes its unhealthy, but most of the time, its second nature.

I write: to cleanse my mind and soul.

I win: or I will die trying. I am a little too competitive at times….

I lose: my sanity occasionally… along with my temper more often than I would like.

I listen: to my IPOD when I am stressed out, with country, rock, rap, christian or musicals being the playlist…

I don't understand: Why more people don’t use common sense… or the words “Thank you!”

I can usually be found: staring into the screen of my computer.

I need: to lose weight.

I forget: the world around me when I get sucked into a really good book.

I am happy: to be me, most of time.

How about you? Who are you?
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Jana said...

Hey Jana - Found your blog while blog-hopping today. How funny that I am Jana too. AND I am an engineer.
I browsed through and really like your pages. You have a keen eye for design. Your daughter is a cutie pie too.