Monday, November 3, 2008

It's somewhat fixed... and then I busted something else!

So, Steve, Uncle Ted, and Randy have worked hard for 2 weeks and it looks like the 'puter might be mostly fixed. He still needs to load software and the software he has loaded isn't running too well but it's well on its way! I did some scrapbooking this weekend in addition to the fun of the holiday so check that out after this week's low-down:
On Tuesday, Annde went up to Grandma Patterson's workplace and did some trick-r-treating. This is an annual Patterson family event (they give out good candy, lots of it, and it's indoors!) and we were excited that Steve was able to participate. (Not because he was home with the whole "outpatient procedure" looming in the future, but because he's never gotten to before)
Here's some cute pics:

Wasn't she just cute?
Then, on Thursday, while Dad recooped from the fun of the surgery, Annde, Nickie and I did the annual pumpkin carving fun. Annde painted hers with a face and then painted my Frankenstein's face too. Nickie carved a wolf that looked kinda like their dog, Harley.
Yes, she did get green paint in her hair and yes, Mom pissed her off during bath because I was bound and determined not to let Belle go trick-r-treating, looking like the witch from Snow White! That was hopeless, because while I got the paint out, she insisted on dressing herself in her Halloween shirt (which reads "NO QUESTIONS... just put the candy in the bag!), florescent purple tights (with hot pink, neon yellow, green and orange flowers), her pink crocs, a pink fuzzy crown, and the ponytail holders I made for her birthday, clipped in with barrettes.

We got asked a lot, "What is she?" but she was cute, as usual...
We packed up and went to Lansing to see Steve's friends and go to the MSU v Wisconsin football game. Pam, Dave & Diane flew in to root for Wisconsin while Steve and I were for MSU. Diane (and Dave?) had never been to a College Football game (her school was so small it didn't have a team) so we wanted her to have a blast. The tailgate was kinda cold (we drank hot cocoa with french vanilla Kaluha to stay warm) even though we laughed our butts off at the tailgate across from us. Students from UofW were dressed as the Sound of Music. Too many guys, not enough girls meant that Julie Andrews as well as some of the girl children were boys. (or should I say, Men in Tights?) It was super funny - then Olivia Newton-John (or two girls dressed like her in her "Let's Get Physical" video) showed up. Talk about funny! We laughed and laughed at their antics. Then we went to the game, MSU won with 0:07 left on the clock with a 44yd. field goal. It was AWESOME! At the same time, I kinda was jumping up and down and managed to drop my digital camera into the cup of Hot Chocolate and camera is not happy. It's pretty much busted. Sigh! Now, I have to find out if it can be fixed or if I have to replace it... :( The rest of the weekend went okay. Steve is still feeling like crap and he won't have any results of the biopsies until end of the week...
Here's the layouts I mentioned above...
This is the first layout for my month as Guest Design Team member for Scrap Dango. I was sent the spice kit, full of Maya Road and Collage Press goodies! I love the simplicity of this page. Plus I fingerpainted with 2 shades of stickles - fun! The page is about how much Annde loves her books... and the Wish List shows what we normally buy her.

These two pages were dual teamed - I used some unusual papers from my DT kit for the Zone with the Pink Sketches of the last two weeks. I was REALLY blocked on these papers. They were really outside my normal styles. This page in particular was difficult for me because the background paper was really cool with the tags on the side but I just couldn't get anything to work with it. I kept covering too much of the design, which frustrated me. All it took was a great sketch and this page was done in under 30 minutes! I love how I mixed the thickers shapes together to make the scroll work. And, these ATC journaling tags by 7 Gypsies are awesome!
This one used some of the paper by Sassafras and GCD. Once again, very heritage-y muted colors. I mixed in some ribbon and some doodling and cut out some apple lace paper from KI Memories to embellish the Riff Raff tree (Pink Sketch sponsor of week 12). I love how it came out.

Once again, what I love about these pages is that they are me but they are also pretty simple in construction but still look like my style. I might change the letters on the apple page because they don't show up as well as I would like them to. I did another last night for Tracy but I haven't taken the picture yet. I'll do that and post it later in the week.
Well, I'm off for now... Have a good week everyone!


Anonymous said...

what a cute lil princess!! ...and the orange shirt she wore! super adorable!

love your use of that riff raff tree! i totally loved working with it!


Heather Lough said...

Oh, aren't kids fun? they definitely have their own ideas on things. Even with the orange shirt, she was a super cute princess.

Great layouts.

Sophia said...

Awwww. Annde looks like a really groovy princess nonetheless! She's really cute!!!

I've not hopped by here for awhile and am sorry to hear what's been going on in the past weeks for you and your family. I'll keep you and your family in prayers!

May the Lord's joy be your strength!!