Tuesday, November 4, 2008

RAK and a Milestone

Hey y'all!

Today's a bit better - or will be when I can vote. I waited for 45 minutes this morning and had to give up to go to work. I hope you all get out and vote. Everyone's voice needs to be heard for this country to be great! And, talk to your kids about it. If we get them excited now, when they are old enough, they will also participate! Annde is wearing her Washington DC sweatshirt from Daddy today with her red/white/blue cause "it's 'lection day and we need to decorate ourselves!" I'll post her picture later today.

Onto the fun...

Head over to Pink Sketches for the week 12 challenge and you could win a prize just for participating! See the little Riff Raff tree on my layout about Annde's love of books from yesterday's post? You could win that little tree just by doing a layout based on Sketch 12 below!
All you have to do is send your completed layout using sketch #12 to kelli11181984@mac.com by November 8th at 8 PM. One layout will randomly be chosen and that artist will get their own curly tree courtesy of Riff Raff Designs. I love RAKs because you get something cool for scrapbooking what you already wanted to scrapbook! Check out what the design team did with this page by heading over to the Pink Sketches link to the right.

A Milestone... The other cool thing was that Annde has started doing her own "Scrap-in-book". One of her Xmas gifts is a little scrapbook stash/bag of her own. Sunday, we worked together and here is her very first Scrapbook page. It's about her BFF Nickie. {They were left over pictures from the page I did about the zoo.}

She's done other little scrapbook-like things but this is the first time she did an actual page. I am so proud of her and excited that we can share this wonderful hobby together. She even wrote the "E" from Nickie's name on the picture. Very advanced for her age, eh? :)

Okay... tata for now! Don't forget to get out and VOTE today!

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