Friday, October 15, 2010

Cyber Crop at Coordinates Collections & lots of pictures for Grandma!

I'm having fun this weekend playing at the Cyber Crop over at Coordinates Collections. I challenged myself - since it's a Friday night and I've been up since 4:30am to do a couple of layouts. I hope to finish the challenges later on this weekend.

So, here's the first two:

This challenge was to use 5 different patterned papers (of 3 different manufacturers). I wanted the page to stay simple so that the pictures would really stand out since they were so dark. I like the mixture of colors and the simplicity in the embellishments.

The next page is a page to document Meghan's trip home from the hospital. I wanted these to go side-by-side in the album so I had to try and fit all the pictures on one page. That worked well with the second challenge I completed, Use 6 pictures in a layout. I've really noticed that lately my pages are taking on a cleaner look - maybe the days of Jana's 10 pound pages are gone... :)

Then I noticed that my scrap idea notebook was out of pages so I whipped together a new one with scraps from Basic Grey's Indian Summer collection (and a bit of other stuff)... I think I will take out some thread and stitch around the edge of the pink paper to finish the look off a bit more. I have to sew that button back on Steve's shirt anyway... :)
And lastly, because Mom doesn't have Facebook, here's some cute grandkid pictures for you! Meghan is walking all over now - not much knee walking anymore. Look out! The kid can easily take anything off the table or countertop now if it's near the edge. Dad learned when Meg took his Mt. Dew away... HA!

This was one of my favorite pictures! I love her expression here... Plus, you can't see it but Meghan now has 8 teeth! (4 top, 4 bottom)... Dad rode the "cow train" with the girls. I love the fact that he made the effort to fit as you can see below... definitely not made for 6'6!
One of the best parts of a pumpkin patch on a farm is the corn maze - this one was pretty neat too!
Here's some cute pictures of the girls in the patch!

A few more pics from the day before at the Burke Fall Festival:... and after MSU destroyed UM on the football field....

I can't believe this baby is almost 1 year old! It doesn't seem like she's been with us that long but we are glad she has... I can't imagine life with out our little chatty, walking, and always happy NutMeg!

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