Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just a couple of quick notes...

It's been very crazy around here lately. For the last 3-4 weeks, Steve's been working 20+ hour days. This trend of longer days has really been going on for 4 months now (12-14 hr days). It's been rough on him and everyone else. It's been awhile since I've had to be the single parent so it's taken me a couple of weeks to get in the groove. The girls - not so much. Annde's been upset more (more tantrums at night when Steve isn't home) and Meg cries/won't be put down by Steve when she does get to actually see him. Me - I am doing my best to roll with it. It's hard, to say the least.

I want to thank the officer who pulled Steve over this morning on his way home. Yes, this morning. Steve left for work on Wednesday at 5am. Steve came home from work this morning at 5:30am. He dropped off a co-worker at a hotel and was making a (what he now knows is an illegal) u-turn around a center median when he got pulled over. He explained the situation to the officer, who thankful let him go with a warning. It would have made an already bad day even worse. Luckily, Steve got home and went straight to bed.

So - since I have been resuming my role of Super Mom, my scrapbooking has somewhat fallen to the wayside. I did pick up this cute Mom Calendar at CVS for $8 (for 1.5 years!!) to replace my bigger calendar, which was too big for my purse now. (Thanks to Katy for hosting that purse party - I LOVE my new 31 purse!!) I love that it has a removable cover insert that I can scrap book and the whole calendar has a plastic case to protect it! Here's my first cover... obviously it will change when I get bored. I scrapbooked over the insert (folded over frame) so I can replace the pictures whenever I want with new ones, without impacting my layout. The back also has a envelope for paper so I just slid a solid piece of the black flower paper in to complete the look.

Looking forward to the weekend! We have the Ghost Ship Barry (The Navy Yard turns the Display Ship Barry into a haunted house for kids (2 levels of scaryness for different ages) on Friday, Cosmic Bowling and Soccer on Saturday, Trick-r-Treating with the Rashids on Sunday and the Annde gets 2 days off for parent teacher conferences... Yikes! I hope she does well...

Plus - it's only 2 weeks until Meghan turns one! How you resist this cute little giraffe?!?!In case you were wondering, the comb was to comb the mane of the giraffe but Meghan wanted to play with it instead of letting Annde comb it.

Have a good day! My hubby is up so I am going to go smile and chat with him!

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