Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and a MSU letdown...

So, Iowa spanked our football team hard - yikes! MSU must have been reading their own press-clippings a bit too much this week. What a disappointing effort. Good think I was cosmic bowling with the Brownies, or I would have been seriously bummed (actually watching the game).

But on to a better topic - Halloween!
Meg and Annde had a blast trick-r-treating. It was the perfect night for it - warmish with minimal wind. Only 3 people called Meg a boy. Guess the shoes weren't a big enough clue? (Pink sparkly shoes)

We went out with the Rashids - we had a lot of fun. Great neighborhood with lots of houses.
Here's the trick-r-treat crew:

Here's Dad and Meg starting out... The first house she walked to... and then she got a rest in between houses for the rest of the night.
Here are the speed demons - they (with Steve) finished the block really quick and then went inside to play games instead of moving on to another block. (Yeah! Less candy in our house to throw out...)

End of the night - Meg was still in a great mood - and wondering where her candy kept going... (Mom kept sneaking it out of the bucket on her.)

What a great first Halloween!! :)

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