Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meg's 1 Year Old (Lotsa pics!!)

Today, I am grateful for Meghan.
We were blessed with her presence last year today. (Nov 10)
She didn't necessarily want to come out of her cozy home but once she did, she changed our lives forever.
She's such a happy girl!
Walking and talking, dancing and singing. The child's energy seems boundless.
Her favorite thing: Dad! Followed closely by Mom, Annde, and food. She's also into phones and remotes.
She can be shy and sweet or loud and outgoing.
And when she nuzzles into Dad, it's the sweetest thing ever.
Here's some pics of our birthday evening:

This is the cake that I made and Annde decorated. It's a giant cupcake!

When Annde and Meg walked in - they went right to playing with Meg's gift: A Kitchen with all the fixins'!

Meg enjoyed pulling EVERYTHING out of the refrigerator!
Soon, it was dinner time. Even though Annde thought we should start with cake, we started with one of Meg's favorite meals: Chicken and green beans. Even Annde got into the act and ate some snap peas to go with her Chicken and pasta. Man, Meg really loves food!! (Look at that smile!)

Now, it was time for cake! Look who's ready!!

First, we have to sing and blow out the candles. (Yep, Meg did go for the candles first!)

She was hesitant at first... then Dad put a bit of frosting in her mouth and...

Let the fun begin!!

She polished off a bunch of the cake before we took it away cause she was starting to play instead of eat it. On to presents (once we cleaned her up of course!)

Today, she's tired. She got up early and I think she was a bit bummed that there was no more presents or cake. But, how cute does she look in one of her new outfits?!?!

Happy Birthday, Meggie!! We love you and can't wait to spend year 2 with you!

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Shelley said...

WOW!! I can't believe that it has been a whole year all ready! She is so cute. Love the pics that you got.