Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gratitude journal - day 8

Day 8

So today, I am grateful that I have a high pain tolerance. Seriously! I think I inherited the gene for klutziness. I am constantly tripping over things or falling down. How many broken toes do I have from tripping over steps? Steve says I just need to look where I am going but I think it's an ingrained skill. Usually, I can be graceful and catch myself before I hit pavement. Today... yeah, no grace. I hit the ground hard. Ripped a huge gash in my pants and the knee below them. My palms took a beating too. But, I picked myself up, walked the rest of the mile to my car, and came home. My hip and knee hurt. My wrists hurt. But, I keep on going. Pain is not in charge of me! HA! So, I am thankful that I can take a licking and keep on going...

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