Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Start of Grateful journal

For the month of November, I am going to list one thing each day I am thankful for. Then, at Thanksgiving, me and my BFF Tracy are going to put together the mini-albums I made for us to document these 30 days of gratitude. I also made one for my sissy, Susan, cause I am thankful that she sees me as someone to bounce ideas off of and turns to me for assistance. I am thankful that we don't fight like we did as kids!

So, here goes:

November 1st: I am thankful my child is getting a high quality education. I am thankful she is absorbing everything that is taught to her. I wish she had a teacher right now that I felt was a better match for her. But, I am thankful she's taken this year in stride - from having to make new friends, wearing glasses, and having homework - and really grown with it after only 9 weeks. I can't wait to see where she ends up at the finish of 1st grade.

(NOTE: Great report card, not so great parent/teacher conference. I am not happy with her teacher and we're going to have to find some way to work together to benefit Annde. I firmly believe that 6 year olds should not be entrusted to remember ALL the important stuff that parents need to know to help assist them (aka - homework expectations, what they need to remember to bring the next day, what they are working on, how to do assignments correctly...) I shouldn't have to guess if I am grading something correctly, if the teacher has expectations of how she wants it filled out. I have only had 3 notes/communications from the teacher in 9 weeks - 2 notes on Annde behavior and 1 on her surgery. That's it. I don't find that acceptable if she wants me to assist in reinforcing what's she's teaching in class or to make sure we are doing what she wants at home (reading 20 min, etc...), especially since the other teachers in 1st grade are communicating weekly with parents.)

Off to finish my lunch and back to work! :)

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