Monday, November 8, 2010

Gratitude journal - days 4 -7

Day 4
Today, I am grateful, so overwhelmingly grateful that I have great parents in my girl scout troop. One of them, Anne Hoffman, lead me to Kim. Today, I interviewed Kim about becoming my new daycare. Some of you know how stressful the last 5 months with Kay have been. It's been overwhelming by how fast a situation can go bad. We've been very stressed out by our lack of options and Anne led me to an opening with Kim. Kim is everything we wanted in a daycare - she reminds us of Lynne, our daycare from Michigan. And now, since Kim had openings for Annde and Meg, we will be back in that loving, educational environment - full of activities and laughter and light. I can't tell you how quickly the weight on my shoulders lifted after that interview. Telling Kay we were done was VERY hard - she took it very badly and cut us off immediately (like I figured she would). But that's good - cause Kim is able to take us Monday! And, now Annde gets to ride the bus!! :)

Day 5
Today, I am grateful that we have an amazing friend, Kevin. Kevin flew in to spend some time with Steve (and the rest of the family) to not only celebrate his graduation with his Masters but also as my gift to Steve for our 10 year anniversary. It was great to see how relaxed Steve has been since Kevin got here. Those two have been friends for almost 20 years and I am glad to see that the friendship has not diminished since we left Michigan.
Day 6
Today, I am grateful for my husband. This is a picture from dinner where we celebrated our 10 year anniversary (a few months late) and Kevin's graduation with his Masters. Fogo de Chao is a fun restaurant where you eat WAY TOO MUCH. It was such a fun and relaxing meal. I am so thankful that I've had these last 10+ years with Steve! I could get really sappy here but y'all know how I feel about him! :)

Day 7
Today, I am grateful for the enthusiasm of my 6 year old, Anndelyn. We went to the Butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum and she was SOOO excited. She didn't want to leave! I love her enthusiasm over simple things like a butterfly landing on her hand. (One landed on mine too). Meg was shrieking in her backpack too... She's never seen butterflies like this before. I think we saw at least 20 different kinds of butterflies while we were there!

Well, I am off to get stuff ready for the first day at Kim's! Yeah!!

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Pirate Tracy said...

I am so glad that you found a new day care. It's been a weight on my shoulders since you moved there -- your having a great new place is an answer to prayer for me! Hooray!