Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Catching up - November layouts

Well, I am back again and this time, I am posting some of my favorites from November, 2012.  These layouts were done when we went back to Michigan to see our Bestest Friends, the Jeromes.  Tracy is my favorite scrapbooking buddy and we had a ton of fun together.... especially scrapbooking!

Here's the first layout:
This layout signified a large change in Annde this year - she REALLY into soccer now.  No longer does she standaround and ask to stay on the sidelines "to rest" longer. Now, it's all about being in the game as either the Goalie or the center Defender.  She absolutely LOVES playing Goalie. She's so much farther along in her goalie skills than I was at this point - I didn't start playing goalie until I was like 12 years old.  Annde's already charging and diving (well, somewhat). I am hoping to work with her this next season (Indoor) on some of the other goal skills like punching and punting a bit better.

This next layout involved her team this season.  This is first time I have scrapbooked the team - she normally gets shifted from team to team because I sign up at the last moment.  For the last few seasons, we've been on the same team so I decided to scrapbook the team picture as well as some individual pictures of the girls...

The next layout is about Meg's love of Phineas and Ferb.  She LOVES the show and sleeps with Phineas, Ferb, and Perry every night. (Candace & Doofensmirtz usually end up under the bed by morning!)  These pictures were taken when Tracy & the family gave Meg them the previous Thanksgiving (2011) so it seemed appropriate to scrap them together.

This next layout was taken at Harper's Ferry in West Virginia.  This is one of our favority places to visit because the landscape is SO beautiful.  My hubby made a crack, "Why aren't you sewing on the page?" He was being sarcastic but I decided to take him up on it... HA! Plus, I love this Basic Grey line of paper/embellishments. The colors are so dramatic!

This last layout involves pictures I took the first night we had the camera.  More sewing - this time with a rope of pearls - and a lot of layering.  I love this page! Another reason: everything on this page was older than 3 years.  It's great to get stuff out of the stash to make room for new.

Well, that's it for now. Stay tuned soon for: Annde's scrapbooking, Smash book pages, and Minibooks. I also did a lot of pages at a crop recently and those will be up soon too! See ya later!

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