Monday, November 26, 2007

Post Gobble Day Greetings!

Last night, I was scrapping and came up with this page. Originally, I was going to scrap it as "Nickie and Annde build a leaf castle" but I was inspired to take a different approach... I wanted to show Annde what it takes to be a person to be proud of. Too often, we forget how to be the better person; how to be welcoming and gracious in the face of adversity. I think its a lost art and I know that I am trying to work on it myself. So, today, with the Thanksgiving holiday behind us, I find a reason to be grateful: my daughter is developing into a beautiful young lady. I still have the twinges where I want her to be the baby I remember. Here's where the next step starts; the life lessons for making her the woman I know that I will be proud of in the future.

On that same thought - Happy post Gobble Gobble day everyone! Did you all survive the hectic rushing around and cooking that comes with this holiday?

I had issues - or rather, my turkey did. Every year, we buy a fresh Amish turkey from the butcher store. Usually, it turns out beautifully. Unfortunately, this time was not one of those times. The turkey was 15 lbs so the Food Network site and Joy of Cooking both calculated the cooking time to be around 3.5-4 hours. So, we threw it in around noon for a 5pm Stuff Yourself time. However, this turkey didn't want to go along with our brillant idea. It took 6 hours to cook - 6 HOURS! I couldn't believe it!! I have never had this problem before. Guess I shouldn't try out for Martha Stewart any time soon?!?! My mother in law ended up eating a Hot Pocket because of her blood sugar being so low. Sigh... Maybe next year, eh?

This year, we actually went out to shop on Black Friday. I couldn't believe it when my hubby suggested it - he HATES shopping! We did get some good deals but all-in-all, I didn't really see anything that we wanted marked down too much. Christmas will still be awesome this year, because my whole family is getting together in Orlando. It will be full of fun since it will be the first time the cousins (my daughter, niece Emeli, and nephews Will, Braxton, and Ben) will be together in one place. With ages 3 months to 3.5 years, it should be a barrel-full of fun when Santa arrives! :)

Lastly- I didn't get picked for that design team I hurridly posted for. No biggie!! I didn't really get my heart set on it as they weren't my favorite site anyway... :)

My shout-out for today: Check out Inque Boutique (check their site out: : their stamps are FABULOUS!!). The page posted used their "Princess" set. Very well priced and with lots of selection! I could only hope to make their DT as they have seriously GREAT stuff!!

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