Friday, November 30, 2007

The Start of the Season

Well, with tomorrow being the first day of December, the start of the holiday season is upon us. Crack out the Christmas music, dig out the tree and ornaments, and start baking! That's what I will be doing all weekend as I prep for my christmas cookie exchange. I need to kit up the ornament we'll be making so its twice the fun!

Recently, I joined the Coordinates Collection community. I **LOVE** their kits (hint, hint, Hubby!!) and the community is such a fun group of gals! I love to spend time on the forum chatting it up or joining the challenges. The page I am posting today was one of those challenges. I am excited also because it was picked at the "Fab Find" of the week by
It was very hard for me to do... Xmas is a favorite holiday (let's not forget my birthday is at the same time!!) but I have lost both Grandfathers during this season over the years. I especially remember my Grandpa Giesler at this holiday due to this song. It's still very difficult for me to hear it and not cry.

The words are in German, as he (and my German teacher) taught me to sing it. The journaling reads:

Growing up, I remember attending Xmas Candlelight services with my Grandpa Giesler. The end of the service was my favorite part: the soft candlelight, the delicate piano notes, my Grandfather's deep bass voice singing the words to Silent Night in the language it was written in. He was proud of his heritage and didn't care if anyone else sang it with him in German. Eventually, my sister and I did too. Unfortunately, he died right before Christmas. At our request, it was sung at his funeral - in German - by my Uncle acapella. It was at that point, I realized he was really gone. As we head into another holiday season, and I pop on my bazillion CDs of Xmas music into the radio, forgive me if I skip this song. It's been 6 years and I still can't keep the tears from falling at the sound of this song.

I hope you have a fabulous week!

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