Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Design Goodies!!

So, I stopped by the Zone today. It was very exciting to see my stuff on the wall and Tracy's box displayed right next to the door. I would have taken a picture but my camera battery was dead! Dang it!! Still very cool!

Funny story while I was there... when I walked in, my eyes were immediately drawn to this new paper in the *NEW* rack. I thought - Wow! I love that paper!! So, of course, I immediately picked up a bunch. I walked around, admiring the rest of the new stuff from CHA and then went to the checkout. AFTER purchasing, I asked for my DT kit and then grabbed it and quickly hurried out to my car to bust it open and find out what new goodies there were... To my surprise - there was the paper I JUST BOUGHT! AHAHAHAHA Kelley - you know me too well!! So, now I have two sheets of everything. Just think of the great layouts I could create! (Tracy offered to loan me some pictures so that I could scrap for her kids too!) It will be interesting to see how many different layouts I can come up with to go with that paper that won't look alike. Ummm... I see a challenge coming on! (The paper is everything to the right of the orange circle transparency - which I bought 2 weeks ago! too funny!!)

The other cool thing I found was some paper & stickers from Creative Imagination. I bet they don't think that it would be applicable to potty training but... Here's my spin on it. Annde was doing so well last week - 6 days of completely dry - including pooping every night WITHOUT being asked to do so. We were so sure she was totally into this whole thing. Then Sunday came and with it, 2 different panty messes... The first one, we chalked up to an accident. The second one, we determined was just Annde going back to her old ways. It happened again on Monday. Frustration!! So, we sat down and had a little talk and started the chart again. Hopefully it will stick again. Anyway, that whole experience led me to scrapbook this page. Hope you like it!

Well, it's 12:30am and its time to go get a couple of hours of sleep before I have to get up and face the world all over again... Nighty, Night!


Stacy said...

LOOOOVE that page of Annde...she will hate it when she's older, but that's what makes it so great! :-) Awesome work, as usual!!

And I had the very same issue with my DT kit...I have 80% of the stuff that's in it already! I guess I better lay off of the shopping for a while, eh? LOL!! At least it's stuff that I know I like already!! :-) Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

Staci Compher said...

I do the same thing with my kits too...and I just picked up that tree it!! can't wait to see all the layouts you make...