Thursday, March 19, 2009

Funny Stories

Annde has been full of fun lately.

On Tuesday, we went to McDonalds (which she calls Old McDonalds) to get a "Happy Lunch" for dinner. While I was standing there giving the lady training on the register our order, I had a $20 in one hand and my wallet in the other. Annde was dancing around and pulling on my arm. Then, she slowly slid the $20 out of my hand. I didn't think anything of it - she loves to pay for things - so when the order was totalled, I looked down at her to tell her to give the woman the money and watched her pat the Donation box for the Ronald McDonald house... inside was my $20. She pointed and said, "It says Please help, Momma. So, I did." (All I can say is thank goodness McD's takes debit cards cause that was all my cash.) I guess sometimes we need to take time to look more closely at things, eh? My 4 year old knows how to be a good person and care about others... that and read "please help"... Good job, Annde! Thanks for reminding me how important it is to help others. Ronald McDonald house is an amazing place. Next time you are in a McD's, maybe you could be like Annde and donate some $$ - AFTER you pay for your meal... They really need it!

The other funny thing that happened was yesterday on the way home from school. You know this one is going to end up in her scrapbook cause it's too funny...
Here's the conversation:
Annde: It's going to be cold tomorrow.
Mom: Really? How do you know? It's been pretty warm this week.
Annde: I just know. It's gonna be cold.
Mom: Wow! You know that? Maybe you should be a meteorologist when you grow up.
Annde: What's that?
Mom: A person who tells others what the weather will be like tomorrow and the rest of the week.
Annde: Hmmm... I guess I could be.
Mom: What about being an Artist? That's what you wanted to be last week...
Annde: Oh Mom... I am an Artist right now!
I am just not painting right now cause I have to go to school today.
Mom: Oh! Are you selling your work?
Annde: Not right now... in a few days, I will be. So you better call your friends to see what pictures they want to buy... I have a lake picture and a dot pictures and a heart picture... I don't know where they all are, but your friends can still buy them...
Mom: They can? That's fabulous!
Annde: I know. I will make some more tomorrow. I am too tired right now...

(She fell asleep immediately after dinner on the couch - at 6:45!) So, here's your notice, friends. Annde's first show will be sometime soon.


meganklauerphotography said...

Love the McDonalds story! Kids are so amazing!

Sophia said...

LOL! I too love the Annde's "Old Mcdonald's" story!!! It's really heart-warming and she's gonna grow up into a really fine young lady with a big heart!!!

I just love having conversations with my 3-yr old too! They really say the funniest and at times, the most amazing things!!!

missyblooger said...

agreed with sophia.
3 yr olds nowaday are full of ideas.

the Macdonald's story. i am so only to tell my daughter abt it.

redoaklines said...

oh my how i love these stories! these totally made me smile. do share more! :)

hope all is well with you friend.


Rosemary said...

Well, even though it cost you your pocket money it shows that you're raising a very kind child. What a great story.