Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Back...

Sorry about being gone so long. The computer decided to die on Saturday morning...It seems to do this every six months and it's annoying as {bleep}. It usually ends up with Steve having to wipe the hard drive (thank God that he has my pictures and digi scrapstuff on the external drive) and reinstall everything. This is exactly what happened this time. So, I've lost all my bookmarks and he's reinstalling programs as I remember what was on the computer before. My advice to you: Go spend the money to buy an external drive for storage. It's worth every penny you spend. Last time, we didn't back up to it enough and I lost Mar - Sept 2008 worth of pictures.
So, anywho...
I went out with Stacy last weekend to scrap at Scrapbookers Inc and had a great time! I got 3 layouts done - which is alot for me in only 5 hours of scrapbooking. 2 are for Coordinates Collections DT so you can't look just yet. :) But here's is one I did about my sister, Susan.

The challenge was to scrapbook using your favorite book as an inspiration. My favorite book is My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Amazing book with a twist at the end... I knew immediately what I was going to do and had written the journaling in only 20 minutes.

Here's the page:

Since you can't read the wording too well... and I know my sister reads this blog...

" We were born 1 1/2 years apart. I can't remember much about growing up as toddlers or children: only playing sports together and having your teachers in school. Sometimes, things would be good. Most times, we would argue. There always seemed to be sibling rivalry present. We said things to each other than hurt. We did things to each other that were mean. We're weren't friends, we were forced roommates who sometimes managed to find a way to get along. Sometimes, we managed to be kind or to do nice things. It was rare. I was messy, hating to clean anything up. You were neat, getting up at 2am to clean up the room or study. Often, at work, you would get mistaken for me - I don't know how... I was 6'3" with short curly blond hair. You were 5'10" with long curly red hair. I was the sports star. You were the sporty band geek. Do you remember the summer we redecorated our room? Those were good times... Mom breaking the bed to avoid the flying brush from your hand. Just thinking about it makes me smile... Then, you went off to USC. And it became just my room. At this point, things started to change for us. We still weren't friends, but we weren't enemies either. Then I went to off to MSU. In college, we started to grow and change. I like to think we found an appreciation for the friendship we could have beyond the bond of sisterhood. We got closer when you came east to grad school at U of Minn. You supported me and cheered for me. We stood up in each other's weddings. I stood up for you when things fell apart. Now, we are friends and sisters. We love and support each other. I realize now that having a sister is a gift from God, not a curse. You're the only true sister I have and I appreciate you, no matter what. Do we still fight? Of course. Do we still get on each other's nerves occasionally? Sure. But, these things won't drive us apart again. We are united, unconditionally, in the bonds of sisterhood. I know that things will never be a completely smooth ride. But I do know... My Sister's a Keeper."

Other than that....

GO STATE!! I am so excited about March Madness!! The men are to the Sweet Sixteen and play Friday night against Kansas. We beat them earlier this year... I know we can do it again... The women are to the next round and are playing Duke. (That would be sweet revenge - the Duke coach used to be the MSU coach before she defected. And, we're playing on our home court!) Man, I love basketball!!

Off to pack the lunches... See ya all later!


Rosemary said...

I happened over here from my friend Jana's blog (icantwanna) and I really like your blog. This was a very touching LO. I have sisters that are 12 and 13 years older and there were so many things in this that had me nodding my head in agreement.

ahem, about March Madness though - go lady Terps. Sorry, I have to be true to my school. ;-D

Karen said...

Hi Jana,

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for taking part in our challenge at Butterfly Crafts. I just read you journalling - so fantastic - I can totally relate as I had to share a room with my Sister when we were young and we would always argue but when we moved out of our Parents house we became so much closer.

Also love the book choice - I'm a massive Jodi Picoult fan xxx