Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sneak Peeks... and a breakthru.

Annde had a breakthrough at her swim lesson today. I might have found the "button" to push... to get her to join in. We normally go to the library after lessons to pick some books up for the week. Normally, she gets 10 - the kid LOVES books.

So, today on the way to lessons, I put in a new rule: for every time she says No to the teacher, she loses a book. So, if she says no 5 times, she only gets 5 books. If she says no 10 times, no books at all. I reminded her again as she was getting in... At first she balked at putting her head in the water... So, I held up 1 finger. Then, she did it. Next, she didn't want to front float, so I held up 2 fingers... By the end of the session - she had only lost 3 books! It worked so well!! I was so proud of her...

For Tracy - here's you page... or parts of it... AHAHAHA!!!

For the rest of the page, check out Pink Sketches (link right) for the layout tomorrow.

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Stacy said...

WOO HOO!! GO Annde!! (good thinking, Jana!) Sounds like you have a pretty strong willed little girl...I can totally relate to that! :)