Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello again... it's been a long time, friend!

Wow! I can't believe it's been over 2 months since I wrote anything on this blog...
Thanks to family and friends for reminding me that I have been slacking in this. (Especially you, Dad!) A lot has changed in the last 2 months... so, I'll jabber about that and post some layouts that I've done too...

First, I have a job again. (Yippee!! I am not a stay-at-home Mom kind of girl.) I enjoy working and using my mind and my new job is going to be a lot more challenging than the old one. Don't get me wrong... Automotive engineering had it's challenges, hard work, and patience crunchers. There was long hours and difficult situations. And, in the end, I still get some sense of pride watching a car/truck I worked on drive down the road... But, this economy and the automotive industry is really struggling now - the jobs just aren't there! So, when the opportunity with the Navy came along, and it was full of challenge and future, I took it. It took a long time (well, not so long according to others) but my interrim security clearance is done... so the move is on!

In about 3 weeks, they will come in and pack us up and off to DC we will go. We've found a townhouse to lease for 2 years that is nice and in a good school system. Hopefully - keep your fingers crossed - we are the last few stages of leasing our home to a family for 2 years as well. (that will make me feel tons better!) It's going to be a big change and the last month & a half has been super stressful! Since the clearance came through, we've been scrambling to get everything done/turned off/turned on/finding new people in DC... I am really excited but also nervous. My last big move - from my parents home to school - was done in a mini-van. This one will take a 18-wheeler truck and we're talking about "pounds of allowable weight" and proper packing techniques.

As for scrapbooking... I've been doing my stuff here and there, as needed for the design teams. I lack the motivation to scrap for fun. It's hard - this was a hobby that my BFF Tracy and I shared so much that scrapbooking now reminds me off leaving her here. And, instead of being a joyful creation, I find it harder to do... I know that the joy will come back but I also know that one of the hardest - if not the absolute hardest - things for me will be to leave Michigan with her still here. We've been so close over the last 5+ years... she knows how much she means to me.

So, here are some layouts before I lose it...
This first one is for So Sketchy. I love all the product on this page! I got it from Mega Meet and I just love how it came out. (I'll update this post with product tomorrow - got to find the sheet I wrote it down on! :) Hope it isn't packed already!)

These next few are from Pink Sketches...
Also a Mega Meet page - this one uses product we got free from the Crop Party or was left over from one of the classes I took. Tracy and I did this page together so we both have a copy of it!
This page is also Pink Sketches... I love the picture of Annde! The swim lessons did work. While she can't swim fully yet, she really loves to jump off the side and doggy paddle around. Earlier this week, we went to the Waterford water park and she spent 1/2 hour just doggy paddling around in the wave pool, making little happy screeches when a wave hit her... I am glad she is more comfortable in the water! We're are going to continue lessons in DC along with maybe soccer and dance.
This one of the last field trips for school - a trip to Cranbrook museum to see the new Dinosaur exhibit. The class got to do excavations for bones as well as feel real bones and fossils. It was a lot of fun!! This was also a Pink Sketch.
Last layout for today - also a Pink Sketch. This was Annde's art show... The art stayed up for a while but had to come down for the open houses... Annde likes to look at this layout and tell me about her pictures.
That's all for now. I have more So Sketchy stuff and some other layouts to post as well. I am going to try and do a little better - maybe every other day - with this blog. But, the kidlet is up and if she sees me in here, we'll be stuck on the computer for a couple of hours playing with her Littlest Pet Shop webkins... so off I go!


Shelley said...

Jana, glad that yo found a job and was able to lease your house for 2 years. Ne time I go to DC to visit my son, I will look you up.

KellyG said...

Great work! Really love that basketball lo!