Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Monday again, isn't it?

Hey everyone... welcome to a new week.

Things around our house this week have been pretty busy and strange.

We picked up Steve's parents from the airport when they flew back from Phoenix after moving Denise. They stopped at our house and had a great dinner (patting my back!! AHAHAHA) of roast beef, potatoes, corn & green beans, bread, and finished with pink cupcakes (Annde's choice). Denise, Kira, and all the stuff safely made it to Phoenix and are in the process of unpacking in the apartment. Denise said that Kira is super excited about seeing Bob and barely leaves his side. So sweet! She definitely loves her Daddy... We were also excited to hear that Bob, with only 7 weeks left, is #2 in his class at the Academy. Great job, Bob!!

The first strange thing we had happen this weekend: Annde colored on the front of our high def TV. She's never done any coloring on anything other than paper with the exception of an incident at 1.5 yrs when she colored the window screen (she had just gotten crayons for the first time). So, this was completely out of the norm. I was really proud on how well Steve kept it together when inside I knew he was freakin' out. He managed to get the crayon off even though the surface is still slightly damaged. We've had this very expensive TV for about 6 months and for the first 5 months, nothing happened. {Heck, Annde didn't even go near it before as she was strictly warned about touching it!} Now, in one month, we had the coloring incident and the pop incident (our babysitter opened a can of pop sitting on the couch 10 feet away that exploded, coating the TV, entertainment center, wall, and all the TV equipment (DVR, DVD player, receiver, speakers)). Hopefully, this is not a trend starting...

The other strange thing I have noticed is that I haven't scrapped in over a week! ARRGGHH!! I can't believe I don't have a new page to put up for view. In fact, this weekend, I didn't take a single picture! That's so out of the norm for me. {I think it might be because I got sucked into a book, The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. It was a great book... a little slow to start, but very hard to put down at the end... }

In order to get things going, tonight I'll scrap something and get it up this week so that you know I am overcoming my scrapbook withdrawl! :)

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