Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On my 1st Day of Vacation, I...

... spent the day scrapping with Tracy. For $21, Annde went to her "morning class" (Childcare) and I got to spent it immersed in paper and friendship! It was sooo good to get together with Tracy and scrap when we're not half asleep or doped up on caffeine! (even though she brought me a can of Mt. Dew, just in case...) I didn't need it - I got 4 layouts done as well as helped Tracy make a bunch of Christmas gifts during that time.

... got selected as a Sous Chef Design Team Member for Apron Strings Kit Company. This will be a great challenge for me because their kits are full of paper fun and I will not only get to do sketch interpretation but also prepare a step-by-step layout for each kit I design.

... got my kit from Jamie's Coordinates Collections. Fabulous!! I can't wait to scrap with all the goodies I got! I just love Christmas stuff!!

... tried Glitter Mist for the first time. What was I thinking waiting this long? I got a bottle from my Secret Santa on Scrapbook Doodle and all I can say is WOW! How much fun is this? Tracy and I are already plotting how to buy each color using our limited scrapbook budgets next year!

... gutted - there's no other word for it - my kitchen. I went through EVERYTHING and threw out a lot of expired food before realizing that my set up was not condusive to keeping everything in sight (so I don't just buy another can or bottle of something). So, I re-did the pantry shelves setup and reorganized the cabinents and refridgerator. I felt like I really accomplished something and I know the hubby will be happy because you can see everything. It will help with trimming down the shopping bill because I can really see what I have and don't have. I was blown away by the 10 packets of Taco mix... I can't believe, even though we eat them once per week, that I had bought and not used that many! I even cleaned out the tupperware/plasticware and got rid of stuff that is dying or just needed to be pitched. I could have sent some back for credit/new stuff with Tupperware but to be honest, it wasn't worth my effort to get it back to Robin for replacement.

... and actually took some pictures of layouts to post:

Here are some more of my DT layouts for the Zone:

I love this layout because the cardstock and snowflake matches the sweater Annde is wearing perfectly. The sweater was from my sister and the cupcake was from Tracy's Birthday party in February. I love how the layered corners from Memory Makers perfectly fit in the corners of my layout. This layout was from this year's Holiday PTA celebration. Annde wasn't in a great mood so there weren't many pictures. Plus, her outfit CLASHED with the red and green so I had to get creative. I just love how well this Snowflake lace by KI and the velvet blue & brown paper matched Annde's outfit. Add some stickles and a doodle and it was finished. I purposely left off the journaling because other than the crafts, she just wasn't interested in ANYTHING at the holiday fair. (can we say, CRANKY?!?!?) So, I kept it simple. Plus, I am really loving using angles in my pages (if you couldn't tell from these last two...) :)
Well off for day 2 of my Vacation - more scrapbooking with Tracy (who needs to do chores!) and gutting Annde's room tonight...

Have fun y'all!!

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