Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On my 2nd Day of Vacation, I...

... got together with Tracy again to scrapbook.It was an great opportunity to let Keegan and Annde play. They've started to get along so well... Keegan didn't have school and Annde wasn't supposed to go to school until afternoon so it seemed like a perfect time. We had a blast! I got several pages done and Annde actually started crying when it was time to leave for school (so we skipped this one day...) and then again when it was time to go home.

... determined that I have cold. I hate that every year, at this same time, I get a nasty cold. Steve has it too but Annde seems fine, which is great, because getting her to take medicine is PAINFUL! I know that there is a ton of gunk running around and I probably picked it up last week when I helped out at school. I feel like crap and it's now less than a week to my birthday/Xmas. I am going to load up on drugs and vitamin C so I can try and kick this thing REALLY fast!

... a dork and forgot to mention that 2 of my layouts have been picked by fellow scrappers as Layouts of the Week/Fabulous finds in the last couple of weeks. If you check 2 posts below you will see the Diva page (picked as Layout of the Week at Scrapdango) and Taco Girl (Fab Find at Coordinates Collections). It's nice to be recognized!

... looked outside the window and realized that day 3 is going to be cold and messy, with 2-3" already down by the time I put Annde to bed, it's going to be messy on the roads tomorrow. Maybe Annde and I can go build our first snowman of the year.... :)

... wrote my Christmas letter. The cards have been done for over a month. No letter though and the picture isn't printed. Dang it! I have got to get it together...

Well, off to do fun stuff on day 3!


GinniG said...

Congrats on your LO picks Jana! Enjoy your vacation! Hope you feel better really soon too. You're not allergic to your tree are you? I had to go to artificial ones because of allergies. Bummer! {{{HUGS}}} and healing prayers!

Fede y mamá Jesi said...

Cute blog!! I'm yeyioasis from the CC forum.
Loved the daily december album. Also your grandma pics, so sweet! My grandma passed this march at age 68. Fortunately she lived to see my son Fede, and she adored him.

Your daughter is beautiful!


Scrapdango Monthly Kit Club said...

WTG on your layout picks! I love all your work - you are a fantastic designer.

I tagged you with an award. Find it on my blog.