Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Tribute to an Amazing Woman in my Life

My grandma, Vivian, is an amazing woman. The stuff she's lived through and succeeded from really blows my mind, making her one of my strongest mentors. She's such a wonderful woman and I am glad to call her family. My daughter is very blessed to know her and not just because she is the one grandparent I have left. Annde totally loves her Gigi. Lately, Gigi has been having some health issues. I admit that it might be normal for an 89 year old to have health issues but not my Gigi! Anyway, I decided to cheer her up with a little surprise mini book from her visit last month. I know how much she loves to show off her great-grandkids and this is her oldest one. I actually made 2 of these with Annde (I did the scrapbooking and she helped me write or add stickers) - one for Gigi and one for us. These 8 page 6x6 hard cover mini books were a $1 at Target and while they weren't the highest quality, I love how easy they were to do. And because they were so inexpensive, there wasn't any reason not to stock up!
This was the cover after a little bit of embellishment.

This is the page when you open the book...

Here's the page that starts the trip to the Apple Orchard.

More Apple Orchard. Annde helped me do the Bounce stickers...

More Apple Orchard - there was a pumpkin patch - Annde wrote "Goin' for a ride" and "I love lil punkins"

Still at the Orchard - some of the fun things to do, like a giant slide and a hay mountain to climb. Annde did the sticker letters again...

More Orchard - it was FREAKIN' cold that day - so here is Annde and Gigi enjoying the hot chocolate.
On to other things from the weeknd - Gigi bought Annde a sticker workbook and they spent around 3 hours doing all 50 pages. Annde loved it and I know Gigi was so proud of her ability to identify the right stickers to use and how Annde would talk about what was on the page.
Annde is such a happy and loving child. These were just 2 of the great pics I got of the two of them together over the weekend... I just love the kissy page. Annde did the kiss kiss stickers as well as writing the I and Gigi - I helped with spelling the words and the heart.
The last page is actually a picture of me and Annde at the Orchard. You can see where she wrote her name under mine. I also added some recent pics for Grandma to have too...
I just love how easy and quick this book was to do. I will definitely have to do this more often! I love the fact that Annde now has a book of her and her Gigi to 'read'... :) Enjoy the rest of your day and watch for Tracy's 25 book later!


Sophia said...

Wow! That's an amazing Mini Book Jana! Love how you use mini books to tell the specific stories!!!

Thanks for the inspiration!!


redoaklines said...

cute mini jana!!! and i agree with sophia, you totally capture the image and tell a story with it!!

you rock!