Thursday, August 7, 2008

It Brings Me to Life!

Don't you just love good news?

For a while, I have been looking for the right fit. I love my position on the Zone's DT. Kelley gives me awesome things to work with an amazing freedom to create what is in my heart. Every month, she challenges me with products that I wouldn't normally pick and I love what I can come up with...

I also really fit into a couple of online communities, like Coordinate Collections and Scrapdango. These women are talented and supportive of EVERY scrapper, regardless of skill level. They provide me with feedback, challenge, and fun conversation. And, a prize or two isn't bad either! :)
But, I was looking for something more... As a former athlete and current overachiever, I was looking for another challenge because honestly, I really thrive on them. Really!! In that Business writing seminar, we were challenged to come up with 3 words to describe ourselves in 30 seconds. Can you guess my 3 words...

and... Competitive!
{Tracy, stop laughing!!}

You see, my friend Tracy told me that life will give you all the challenges you need and point you in the direction you should go. She told me that there was a place for me somewhere. I was feeling down in the dumps this week and she was letting me know that I will find that place, eventually. I just needed to keep the faith and keep looking for that challenge... and I am happy to report, I found it! And, it came about because of a special woman I know.

Recently, I have been helping a few very creative women get going in scrapbooking. One such woman is very special. Without going into her personal details too much, she is the mother of a young son with seizures. She's been battling for years on the seizure front and I am so happy to report, her son has been seizure free for 6 months. This is huge! I am so excited for the whole family. Recently, she decided to scrap the process of the last few years - from diagnosis to seizure free. I am serious, folks, when I say to you that the woman is soooo strong!

Tracy asked me to work with her and another new scrapper at a recent crop, one on one, to get them going on the hobby. I used a magazine to demonstrate how to create a page by having them each pick out a layout they liked and teaching them how to break it down into a sketch and then bring the sketch back through their page. This strong woman is doing her whole book on the seizure experience this way.

Any-who, this lesson got me back into using sketches. I have always loved them... I love how you can take one and fill it, dip it, and smack it down to create something new. I try not to be too strict in following it but I do love to create the sketches and use them on pages...

Now, you're saying, Jana - SPIT IT OUT!! What's the good news? Well, now that I've punished you through tons of text, here it is:

I have been selected as a sketch designer for a new challenge site named:I decided to apply today after tossing it back and forth for awhile. It felt like a great fit because I am totally lovin' sketches and you all know my fascination with anything PINK! Seriously though, this site will have a weekly sketch posted. So, think of all that FUN challenge for me! I love the fact that this site will keep me scrapbooking weekly. How fun is that?!?!? I challenge all of you to bookmark Pink Sketches and participate with me! There will even be some prizes involved...

{BTW - Guess the song artist yet? It's by Evanescence...}


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Brianne Nevill said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is SO exciting!!! SO happy for you!

Anonymous said...

hi i'm sarah also on the pink sketches dt. just wanted to congratulate you :) and can't wait to get started on this! :)

Scrapdango Monthly Kit Club said...

I am so happy for you! How wonderful! I will definitely check the site out and will be watching for you sketches!

Sophia said...

Hi Jana! It's Sophia from Pink Sketches DT. A big Congrats to you for being on board the Pink Sketches DT! =) Looking forward to working with you too.

You've got gorgeous LOs!!

Cathy said...

congrats, look forward to seeing your sketches