Monday, August 4, 2008

"And so it goes..."

Well, the weekend didn't go according to plan... AT ALL. Not one thing happened that was supposed to. That happens when the kid gets sick and doesn't get better.
As a parent, it can be super frustrating when your kid doesn't get better. Thank goodness I have great insurance because 2 trips to the Dr (1 conventional, 2 Urgent Care) and 3 different prescriptions only cost me $80. But, she was seen by 3 different doctors and had 3 different diagnoses. The only things that I know for certain are:
1. She still is running a fever (101-104) constantly (the tylenol & motrin keep it down most of the time) after 5 days,
2. She sound HORRIBLE - she so congested... and she snores when she's sick - REALLY loudly,
3. She hates to take medicine - no matter what kind, what flavor, what amount...
and ...
4. If she didn't open her mouth, you wouldn't know she was sick.

She acts normal, completely normal. It blows my mind! When I am sick, I mope and complain. I drag around the house. As for Annde, she is playing and coloring and reading and joking around. The only thing that's off is her eating. Since she can't breathe through her nose or taste the food or swallow very well, she's not too interested. I guess it takes a 104 degree fever to slow her down. I have to say she's a trooper. So far, she's been diagnoses with an ear infection (100% gone 2 days later), a sinus infection (duh! Her nose is completely running and she can't breathe through it), and now tonsilitious (which also didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out since they are HUGE and red). No strep, no mono... all tests negative. Anyone have any suggestions for me because I would really like to crack this fever! It's been 5 days already...
Onto "much more funner" (Annde's phrase of the month) stuff...

While Annde was napping, I was scrapping. I got a page or two done as well as this really cute message board. I am using it for work to keep my TO DO tasks at hand.

I making them as a fundraiser for my sister as well. So, if you want one, they are a bargain price of $10 (+shipping, if necessary). I will make it to your choice of colors and topic (to do, calendar, appointments, etc...). The board itself is just shy of 9"x12" and is magnetic. It comes with 4 matching square magnets and if you want the cute little tasks (you can use dry erase markers on them and they have magnets on the back) tabs, I will throw them in for free. Just contact me via email ( and I will make arrangements with you. 100% of the profits will go to the 3 Day walk by my sister. I am making mini-books of different sizes and shapes, too. Some premade magnet boards and mini books will be in my new etsy shop in the next week or two so watch for the link... Don't forget that you can donate directly to Susan (my sis) or Tracy (my BFF) at their links to the left.
Well, that's all for now. I am still waiting to hear who the lucky winners are of the Scrapdango DT Challenge. Everyone was so talented that I am glad that I don't have to make the decision!

PS: Did you guess who the song is by? It's one of my favorites from when I was in college and is song by Billy Joel. Kuddos if you got it right!

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Stacy said...

Sounds to me like Annde has that Hand-Foot-Mouth virus (also known as the Coxsackie virus) that my Ry has had 3 times in the last 2 years. 6-10 days of high fevers and can have little blisters on the palms of hands, bottoms of feet & in the throat, although not necessarily in all 3 places. Also comes with bouts of stomach cramps, etc. and basically the only thing the dr. can do is tell you to stay on the ibuprofen every 4-6 hours. It runs it course in 10-12 days. Usually followed up by a sinus and/or ear infection in our experience. Google it - Coxsackie Virus - and see if her symptoms match.

GOOD LUCK!!! I hope she feels better soon!!!