Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Historical/Hysterical" Christmas Blizzard

So, we were told when we moved here that we wouldn't get any snow or very little.

Today, there is already 8-10" on the ground and up to 24" expected. Crazy!! This leads everyone in the area to do the following:
1. Fill up their gas tanks - the line at the station last night was 2 hours long.
2. Buy up all the food around - Steve and I walked across the street last night to buy more butter for the cookies Grandma and Annde were making and there was literally no more milk, eggs, cheese, bread, etc... in the store. The lines were ENORMOUS...
3. Not leave the house. Apparently, everyone stays home because of the few crazy drivers - or maybe more than a few - who don't know how to drive who try to drive 80 mph in this weather.


So, we're hanging out, contemplating making more cookies, craft projects, or playing in the snow... oh wait! No boots - since it doesn't snow here - so that might be kinda difficult.

To my siblings who are coming next week - you might want to bring coats, hats, boots, gloves, etc... because it definitely looks like a white Christmas will be here!

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Healthy Home Maker said...

I have been thinking of you all day -- while the news talks about this storm -- and how it "never" happens like that there. For a while, I was envious of the winter weather you'd have living there .. but I am not feeling that this weekend!

Stay warm, stay off the roads and happy cookie eating!