Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!!

So the stockings are hung... (Reminder to self: Get Meg a stocking holder)
The tree is up... Annde helped to decorate. That's why there are SO MANY ornaments on the bottom. She loves to decorate (or as Fancy Nancy/Annde calls it: Accessorize the tree!) anything.
And Annde is going nutso about the Advent Calendar. You'd think she had a one track mind. Every afternoon, after school until after dinner, all I hear is, "Mom, is it time to open the calendar yet?" I bought this wooden one at Target (instead of making one like I had originally planned.) and stuffed it with Hershey kisses (her favorite) and Little Pets. She's so excited! She said the nicest thing last night when she opened it up and there were 2 kisses in it... she said "Mom, if Meggie was old enough, I would give her one to eat too." I think it's sweet how Annde is become Mini-Mom. She really loves being an older sister.

Speaking of younger sisters... Guess what Meg loves to do: Fall asleep during tummy time. It's a riot - EVERY time you put her on her tummy, she just goes to sleep. Of course, her favorite napping spot is here:
... but on her tummy is definitely #2. The boppy, a rolled up blanket, any time she's near her stomach, she's out like a lot. It's a lot nicer than Annde's reaction - which was to scream like a crazy child. Yep, Meg's our laid back kid...

We're so ready for the cousins to get here. Annde made this welcome sign and drew pictures of all her cousins. Obviously not to scale but so very cute. Ben has some really long legs and Lauren is the biggest (for being one of the youngest). We can't wait to see everyone. (Before you ask - I did the writing at Annde's request).

Well, I am off to start planning menus and such. Gotta love the holidays - especially the food!
Also - if you are related to me or want a birth announcement/christmas card, can you PLEASE send me your address to my tallgirl account or hotmail account? I have no address book (casualty of the move) and I would like to get these out before next year... Thanks!!

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Shelley said...

Jana,l sorry that I did not post yesterday. Meg is beautiful! Hope that your holidays are wonderful. Next time I am in D.C, I'll give you a shout.