Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meghan's 1 month and Christmas DC style

On Saturday, we went down to the White House. Annde hasn't been there before and it was a great opportunity to go see it as well as the National Christmas tree. Here's a pic of Steve and Annde in front of "Obama's House" (which is what Annde calls it). The exciting part: after some research, it looks like we're going to take Annde's Daisy Scout troop there in March to earn a badge. We'll get to take the tour and see the inside. I've never been inside before so I am excited too!

Then, we went across the street to the Christmas village to see the National Tree. It was somewhat underwhelming. It's big but not as impressive in the daylight.

To get a sense of the size, here's Steve in front with Annde. It is REALLY tall. We're going to take all the siblings and nieces and nephews down there to see it on the 23rd. That's going to be fun too! (Don't you just love Annde's poses?)

Around the tree are these little mini-trees: one from each state, one from DC, and one from each of the 6 territories. Here's Annde and I with Meghan (Can you see her? That's cause she's tucked into the baby backpack inside my jacket and her head is covered with the pink blanket!) in front of the Michigan tree. It was decorated with ornaments by a elementary school in Howell, I believe. There was also a Santa house. Inside you could get a FREE 5x7 of your kids on Santa's lap. I kid you not - we waited like 5 minutes and he looked real. I'll post the picture tomorrow but how often can you get a free pic with Santa with no waiting?!?! It wasn't the best picture - Annde had her jacket on and was standing in front of him but hey! It was the best one we've done this year... Here's part of the inside of the house... I love the categories. Annde says she's been "Nice all the time"... Yeah right!

Quick pic of Meg - she slept the whole time... but I figured she deserves some press too!

On that subject, Meghan is official 1 month old this week. Here's a pic of her with Annde.
Isn't she getting big? This outfit is 3-6 mos, I kid you not. She's over 10 lbs and growing like a weed. She's still consuming vast quantities of food - 3 to 4 oz ever 2-3 hrs - and stretching alot. Annde is still excited about her so that's great. I can't wait for her first Xmas!! :)

Well, off to bed. The kid still gets up every 2 hours and we both are working tomorrow, as well as Annde having dance class and a playdate. Geez!!! And, I still have to clean the house for my family coming. See ya later!

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