Monday, September 8, 2008

If You Grew Up on the Hill...

I found this group on FaceBook about Los Alamos and the list had me rolling on the floor laughing. It is TOO hilarious if you are from LA. So, for those of you from the Hill Top, here is the list so you can laugh your butt off too....

* Are still trying to forget Middle School because you had to be a Grey-tailed Hawk, not a Red-tailed Hawk
* Were a Topper - What the heck is a Hilltopper anyway? Bet you checked out his package, too!
* Sported green and gold (but never in Espanola because you didn't want to get kidnapped, gang-raped, and shot)
* Have never actually been to Espanola
* Fell in love with Espanola when you finally realized you could buy anything there...ANYTHING.
* Fell even deeper in love with Espanola when you discovered they have a Super Wal-Mart there--ahem, not that you would ever be caught dead in a Wal-Mart.
* Have to drive through Pojoaque, all the way to Santa Fe to get to a mall.
* Thought about putting a cow on the overpass because you heard cows can't walk down stairs
* Actually put a cow on the overpass
* Worked at the Hill Diner
* Worked at Sonic
* Stalled your car on Conoco Hill
* Know the "real" story behind the Peggy Sue Bridge
* Partied in the Concrete Caves (but just that one time)
* Tried to find the secret underground tunnels
* Instigated a fish massacre at Ashley Pond because, well, lets face it, the fish eat the bread and while you're not looking the ducks eat the fish
* Straddled the metal cast of Little Boy at the Bradbury Science Museum while trilling the song from 2001: A Space Odyssey
* Have a parent with an IQ higher than you and all of your siblings combined but they can't seem to operate the washing machine or the garage door opener
* Don't know where your parents work but know its somewhere in the mountain
* Can't tell your friends what your parents do for a living because you don't know
* Still can't tell your friends what your parents do for a living because you think you know what they do, but you know you shouldn't know
* Can't tell your friends what you do for a living because you'd have to kill them
* Knows what a Q is
* Know what a TA is
* Went to the Black Hole
* Picked a fight with Ed Grothus
* Laughed when Ed Grothus tried to mail the President of the United States a can of "Organic Plutonium"
* Ran off a small cliff to get away from Ed Grothus
* Know you're not supposed to play in Bayo or Acid Canyon but you don't know why
* Went to Bayo or Acid Canyon anyway and used a Geiger counter you got from Ed Grothus to measure the radioactivity of local plant life
* Ran away from Bayo Canyon after you found the cemented pipes and the plaque that says the site will be safe in 2216
* Are afraid to drink tap water
* Know at least 10 people at any given time who have cancer
* Still believe that no one in Los Alamos gets cancer because of the Labs
* Went swimming at the Blue Whale
* Remember the Sports Bag and the golfer's paradise green carpet inside.
* Tell science jokes to your hs/college/grad school professors and they don't get the punch line...ever.
* Are often startled by a loud bang rolling down from the mountain that rattles your eyeballs and windows, only to be told that its thunder when the sky is blue, or that its a snow plow in the middle of June, or (and this is the best one) its an airplane even though the airspace over LANL and the town site is closed.
* Have ever found the secret underground tunnels (ok, seriously, if this is you I wanna talk...secretly)
* Were hospitalized after you spent a day shivering in Hell's Hole because you only brought one flashlight and no spare batteries.
* Went Roller Skating at the United church on Friday nights... as long as the boys and girls didn't skate TOO close together
* Went cliff jumping in the Mountains
* Thought about how ironic it was to build a plutonium plant on the side of a volcano... that's still active.

Post another one if you know one...

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