Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A lot of Letters: SSS & the PTA

My sweet Secret Sister for Scrapdango (SSS) sent me a wonderful gift for September... Wow! What a tongue twister!! Say that 5 times fast. :) Here's a pic of what I received... I love the charms - I can't wait to distress them with chalk ink... In the package, she challenged me to scrap some 2 page layouts with the product. The colors are great for Fall so I will have to play with this package this weekend at the SCRAP PINK event at the Zone. I can't wait to go! My buddy Jill is coming with so I am sure we will have a blast!!

Last night, I went to the PTA meeting, fully intending to just keep my mouth shut and hand down. I ran into and sat with Annde's new friends parents. {Emerson is such a cutie - I think my daughter has a thing for blond haired, blue eyed little boys because Emerson looks a lot like Jeffrey! Fortunately for Annde, Emerson seems to really like her too.} Emerson's mom is co-chairing an activity in November (Creation Station - it's an arts & crafts fair for the kids) so I agreed to help when she asked.

I also somehow ended up as PTA Historian. I was talking to the President of the PTA when I was getting a pink shirt for Annde and she asked if I signed up to help on any of the activities. I said, yes but that I was going to try and take lots of pictures at the events because I was a scrapbooker and she asked me to be the Historian (on the Executive Board). She told me what the job involves - anything I want to do - and I said, Hey! I can do a scrapbook... How hard is it to scrap 2 pages (one for me and one for them) at the same time? I want to participate more with Annde's classroom but being a working mom, I just don't have the time to donate as some of the other moms. So this was the perfect spot for me. Plus, Annde got some free Stepanski clothes out of the deal! I can hear my hubby saying, "I thought you weren't going to spread yourself too thin...." but since I already scrapbook alot and there is only 1 or 2 activites per month, it won't be too hard to keep up.

Well, back to work... Have a great day everyone!


GinniG said...

Cool SSS gifts!!! You've got a great Sis! :) And that's neat about the PTA Historian thing! That will be lots of fun for you and Annde!

Lucy Chesna said...

thats so cool

Stacy said...

You REALLY thought you could keep your mouth shut & escape that PTA meeting with nothing to do??? HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!! Gosh, you kill me!!

I'm sure their scrapbook will be fabulous - maybe you won't have to beg for pictures to scrap any more!?

:-)Muuuaaahh! Love ya, baby!