Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ready for Preschool - the Search for the PERFECT backpack.

When I was in the Zone for the crop with Stacy - I saw this paper FLYING off the racks... It was soooo cute and they had each grade level, including paper, stickers, and 3-D stickers. Of course, I had to buy and scrap with it. So here it is! This is a page about getting Annde's first school supplies. I mixed in a note from her daycare teacher (hidden in the file folder) that says that Miss Jackie is 100% sure Annde will do amazingly in her Pre-school class. It was so sweet of Miss Jackie to write the note so I had to make sure to include it. And, while I wasn't going to scrap these pics, the fact that she found a pink and green (her 2 favorite colors) Little Pets (the last one in the store!!) backpack just cracks me up.

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