Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Layout to share

As part of my guest Design Team role this month for All About Me Challenge Blog, I was tasked with doing a layout based on ONE WORD to describe myself. Hmm... there are a ton I could use: Smart-alleck, stubborn, independant... the list could go on and on. But, instead I took a different approach: I picked the word TALL.

Now, all of you who know me personally know that I am tall, in a freakish- off the height chart, less than 1% of US population - way. When the average woman is 5'3" and average man is 5'10", being 6'3" is always a guarenteed conversation starter. But, I have never put this into a layout for my All About Me book.

So, I grabbed Annde to take a picture. I was reading on Becky Higgin's blog about taking pictures from different viewpoints so I had Annde take a picture of me from Meghan's view (aka lying on the floor). YIKES! That's not too flattering a picture. I would scare the crap out of me if I was Meghan. But, the picture tells the story of how tall I am so I decided to use it anyway. Here's the layout I came up with:

Journaling: While I started out @ just 4 pounds, I've grown as TALL as a tree. I love being super tall - it makes me unique! I can always reach things and I never get lost in a crowd. I was always picked quickly for sports/PE teams. Blocking my view is hard to do! I really hope I pass this trait on to my daughters. (Hopefully they find a tall man to fall in love with like Dad.)

Hope you like! Tonight is Back-To-School night so I am excited to see Annde in her classroom. She also did so well with Soccer this week - pictures to follow - that I am very happy we switched teams/coaches. :)

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Healthy Home Maker said...

I like seeing your layouts on here since is rare that I can see them in person any more. Darn geography! I am glad you are fitting some scrapping in!