Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Okay, so I love to read other scrapbook blogs for inspiration but this woman stole my dream scrapbook room and built it in her house...
Just Kidding!
But, this is definitely what I would have made if I had no concerns with money, space, or living in a rental... it's simply gorgeous!!

Dream Scrapbook Room

NOTE to Hubby: take a look cause I would love this when we finally get in to our own house and win the lottery. I would even share it with the girls - they could have their own little corner... :) tee hee


Healthy Home Maker said...

There are absolutely no words to describe how phenomenal this room is. I'd put a futon in the corner and never leave the room.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jana 0- thats so much for all of your kind words!!! It is certainly my dream come true as well!!

and Heather - I've said it a million times all I need is a fridge and a washroom and I could live in there LOL!!