Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A bunch of Billy Goats are we!

This weekend, we went to Great Falls, in MA. It was BEAUTIFUL - a perfect day for hiking and the views were breath-taking. No, it's not like Niagara - there isn't one huge falls, but there are a bunch of little waterfalls that are really nice... The park straddles the states of Virginia and Maryland, but we went to the Maryland side as it was supposed to be more picturesque.

We started out on the towline. It's about 1.5 miles and mostly flat with a few bridges. Great bike path with lots of spots to take pictures.
Then we got to the top of the falls. I had already taken about 100 pictures by now. (seriously!) Here's one of my favorites...On the way back, we saw this sign for a billy goat path. One of my friends, Sarah, had recommended it. We saw an older couple coming off the trail so we said, what the heck! This was how it started... It was supposed to be 1.7 miles of hiking along the edge of the rock face. It said that there were some extreme areas, but that couple didn't look to winded so, on we went.
Annde was in heaven. She LOVES to hike... we must have told her to slow down, be careful or "red light" 200 times over this hike.
Meghan apparently knew better.
After the first hour, we took a small break on the edge. Annde was having a blast. Steve, well, he was questioning our sanity but he was a good sport about it.
Then, we saw the Crevice. Yep, we had to hike up it. Annde, no problem. Steve, well, he did good...
Meghan and I - Steve thought the look on Meg's face was priceless... like, "What are we doing?!?! I am not a Billy Goat!' (Look closely, she has a death grip on the strap of the backpack...)
And once you go up, you must come back down. We did this face too...
Finally, 3.5 hours later with only one fall (Annde face-planted when she didn't see a rock but she was fine), we came out the other side. This was her "No more pictures Mom!" face.
Tee Hee!! I hope you enjoyed. More pictures to come later of the first day of school and the only school supply they let me decorate.

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