Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Week of School - We survived!!

Well. we officially survived the first week of school. As usual, it contained plenty of drama but I think we came out on the flipside.

I took Annde to the grocery store and she had a bunch of fun picking out stuff that she wanted in her lunch box. I had fun putting together these little love notes (free and totally cute downloads from Eighteen25 and Skip to My Lou) each day. I actually got a few back at the end of the day to put in her scrapbook!) I know she appreciated them, even if she did spell Sunny D on one!

She also needed a 'labeled' lunch box, backpack, scissors, and a clipboard. Since she picked out the lunch box and backpack, there wasn't much I could do. Scissors personalization included a little tag and some ribbon. But the clipboard - well, I could do something with that! Annde chose a green one at the store and expressed a desire for 'butterflies or flowers' on it. I took some CTMH paper that's one of my favorite designs and attached it to the flip side so the writing surface would still be smooth and flat. Then, I added some sticker ribbons to the top and bottom (where the paper wouldn't sit) and then some decoration to the clip. I wanted to put Anndelyn but Annde wanted Annde P. (Why I don't know... there are no other Annde's in her class) She absolutely loves it.
So, now that the backpack is packed and ready to go, so is Annde. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those pink converse tennis shoes. They are SOOOOO me 25 years ago. (I had them in blue, green, yellow, and pink myself.) Notice something else? Annde's got glasses now. Hot pink ones to be exact! She barely needs them - they are the lowest prescription you can get - but with our eyes, we know she's going to have them for a long time. She's not so good at wearing them - and she lost them on Day 2 but found them on Day 3 - but she's working on it.
Aren't they just adorable? Meghan was so excited for Anndelyn and Annde was excited that Meghan's little outfit matched her's. (I didn't think it would fit in time - it's a 24 mo - but that was silly because it fit perfectly)
We might look goofy and Meg might be confused, but I love this picture! (Man, Annde looks like Steve and Meg looks like me!)
This week promises to be even more exciting, with lots of soccer, start of Dance & Brownies, and Back to School night. Yikes! More to come, including some cute and easy scrap projects and a DT layout...

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